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"Outlook" series of articles explain in detail the economic countermeasures of the State Council during the SARS period. The sudden SARS disaster has had an unexpected impact on China's society and economy. In May, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council forwarded the Circular of the national development and Reform Commission on the main situation and policy recommendations on current economic development, and put forward guiding opinions on achieving the economic growth target this year. The latest issue of "I will be responsible for providing spare parts services for users at cost all my life; hope" weekly describes various problems of the national economy and the people's livelihood through a group of articles in the form of special reports, and explains in detail the economic countermeasures of the State Council

The article entitled "striving to win the battle against SARS" points out that one of the important focuses of the central and local governments in the fight against SARS is to effectively reduce the negative impact of the SARS disaster on China's economy and society, improve the confidence and combat effectiveness of the people across the country in winning the battle against SARS, and take measures from the aspects of finance, taxation, finance and administrative fees to alleviate the difficulties of industries greatly affected by the epidemic, Avoid a large number of work stoppages and production stoppages, and minimize unemployment and dismissal of migrant workers caused by the epidemic

the article says that the strong humanistic feelings released in the relevant policies and measures reflect the warmth and goodwill of the central and local governments to care for the people and the people

urban and rural water

the article "rational allocation of water to ensure urban and rural water" points out that during the spring ploughing season in April, northern China was seriously short of water, and all regions rose up to fight against drought, basically ensuring normal rural production. After May, South China has entered the pre flood season, and the country is about to enter the main flood season. While paying close attention to drought and flood control, all localities have also taken measures to ensure the supply of rural funds. At the same time, the state has also strengthened macro-control measures of water resources to ensure the supply of urban water

the article points out that in the long run, China's measures in solving the problem of water resources are: first, improve the water conservancy infrastructure, focus on strengthening the conservation, allocation and protection of water resources, improve the efficiency of water use, and ensure the sustainable development of economy and society with the sustainable use of water resources. Second, optimize the allocation of water resources through water transfer. In the future, the focus of China's water conservancy projects will shift. On the basis of consolidating the achievements made with flood control as the focus, China will focus on the allocation of water resources and promote the sustainable use of water resources


the article "investment needs to pay attention to the total amount and structure" points out that investment plays a decisive role in China's economic growth, with a contribution rate of 51% to GDP last year; After China's investment has entered the high growth range, some industries have experienced problems of local overheating and structural imbalance. If it is not adjusted in time, the hard won development opportunities may be lost. Under the SARS situation, grasping the two key issues of "maintaining the total amount and adjusting the structure" in the investment has laid the foundation for realizing the annual economic growth index

the article says that the proactive fiscal policy will continue to play an important role in GDP growth. The impact of SARS on total investment is very limited. However, the article emphasizes that structural adjustment is an old problem in China's investment field, and the reason why this problem is particularly prominent at present. The rapid growth of investment in individual industries is still not a problem. The key is to analyze its structure, and then regulate it through market and legal means to protect and guide the good momentum of current industrial development. The article also cites experts to remind us that we should be vigilant against administrative led investment. Some things that the government should not do but is very keen to do must arouse the vigilance of the competent authorities. For example, there are a large number of administrative led investments, which are mainly concentrated in the fields of automobile, urban construction and electronic industry


the report entitled "prominent problems in power investment system" pointed out that the current power shortage in some parts of China is not a total shortage, but a structural shortage. The article quotes experts from power market research to point out that the most effective way to solve the current power shortage problem is to strengthen load management, implement "shifting peak to fill valley" and balance in a large region, but this can only solve the urgent problem. If the power investment system reform is not carried out as soon as possible, there may be a major crisis in the power market in twoorthree years

the article points out that power approval is necessary. It involves land, environmental protection, water resources, technology, security and other issues. It is impossible to completely liberalize, but the electricity price should be liberalized and market regulation should be implemented


the article "this year's employment goal can still be achieved" points out that China has been facing huge employment pressure for a long time. During the SARS period, the impact of 100 meter high residential buildings) on employment is only a short-term difficulty. Fundamentally, the greatest difficulty in employment is still the interweaving of gross contradiction and structural contradiction. According to the current situation, there are three types of employment groups affected by SARS, including laid-off reemployees, college graduates and migrant workers

according to the authority of the Ministry of labor and social security, we can learn from Hong Kong to adopt certain methods of loan discount, such as providing short-term loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to make the small and medium-sized enterprises known as the "reservoir" of employment continue to play the role of absorbing labor force to a certain extent. At the same time, local governments should pay attention to the laid-off workers in relevant industries, and it is best to organize them for reemployment training

the source believes that if SARS also brings opportunities to employment, it lies in: first, remind the government to do more solid and detailed employment services, especially remote training, query and release of employment information; 2、 The epidemic situation also reminds us that we must not ignore the protection of the rights and interests of migrant workers, such as their production and living conditions and labor protection conditions

import and export

the article entitled "do everything possible to expand import and export" pointed out that after entering April, the growth rate of China's import and export began to decline. There is a slightly pessimistic view that although the impact of the current epidemic on foreign trade is not very obvious, the lag effect of its impact will appear in the future

officials from the development research center of the State Council proposed to take four measures to ensure the realization of this year's export target: first, during the epidemic period, modern means and forms such as e-commerce are widely used for trade and investment negotiations; 2、 In view of consumer psychology, and in order to enhance the international market's confidence in the health and safety of China's export commodities, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and Quarantine of export commodities and re consolidate the market with a negative image; 3、 We will increase the export of mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products, and the export of such products will be less affected; 4、 Solve the long-standing problem of lagging export tax rebate


the article "strengthening financial support for the economy" points out that the financial system will focus on four aspects to support and promote this year's economic development:

first, adhere to the prudent monetary policy and continue to maintain the moderate growth of monetary credit. 2、 We will maintain the basic stability of interest rate and exchange rate policies and steadily promote the marketization of interest rates. 3、 To improve financial services, we have just ordered a set of measuring equipment from KANGLONG (cann can use this method to cast cold rolled ABS strip on) to promote economic restructuring. 4、 We will continue to improve the health and stability of the money market and optimize the allocation of financial resources

various reforms

the article "actively and steadily promoting various reforms" emphasizes that China's current reforms have entered a critical stage. The malpractice of the old system has become an "intestinal obstruction" that hinders economic and social development. Therefore, although the fight against SARS is the top priority at present, the pace of continuing to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, the reform of investment and financing system and the reform of administrative management system formulated by the State Council at the beginning of the year cannot be stopped

among them, the reform of state-owned enterprises has touched the system level, the reform of state-owned assets management system is the focus and difficulty of the current work, and the lag of legislation is the prominent problem faced by this reform. At present, the work in this field is progressing actively and steadily

the focus of deepening the reform of the administrative system is still to standardize the examination and approval system in accordance with the requirements of the market economy, and further reduce and standardize administrative examination and approval

the article also points out that during the SARS period, the management of market order once again exposed the problem of chaotic economic order. While severely cracking down on illegal activities, we should also deeply analyze the causes of economic disorder, find out the reasons in the system, and establish China's credit system as soon as possible. Accelerate the pace of legislation and strengthen discipline

the article also points out that the situation of work safety is grim. This year, China will establish a timely reporting mechanism for major accidents, and regularly inform the central media of accidents in various provinces, municipalities and industries. The further openness and transparency of information is undoubtedly a powerful warning to those who are obsessed with profit and ignore security


the article "ensuring stability to pass the SARS examination" points out that stability, as an eternal topic, has shown overwhelming significance in the war against SARS. At present, the factors affecting social stability still exist, and some original unstable factors take advantage of SARS to rise. The article said that the disaster is a magnifying glass, and the advantages and disadvantages of human nature were exposed in the face of the sudden SARS disaster. The article criticizes that the historical inertia formed by the accumulated shortcomings of bureaucracy and freedom still affects the thinking and actions of a few cadres. At the same time, some negative social roles, such as those who spread rumors to confuse the public, those who bid up prices, those who preach feudal superstition, and those who make trouble in a few places, are also taking advantage of the situation and appearing on the stage

the article points out that SARS, a severe infectious disease, has provided a large examination room for leaders at all levels to control the complex situation, which may not be long, but it is absolutely difficult. People all over the country are invigilators as well as candidates. Through this examination, China's stable leadership and social forces can leap to a new level

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