A brief review of the hottest Guangdong polyester

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A week's market review of Guangdong polyester filament Market (2.26--3.04)

although there is no obvious fluctuation in the market price of Guangdong polyester filament, the focus of the market price has fallen slightly. Although polyester filament enterprises offer prices cautiously, in order to increase shipments, profit sharing and promotion are relatively common, but this has little impact on the price (except door style), but the market transaction atmosphere is light. The production and sales rate of local polyester filament enterprises is not high, with an average of 40% to 60%. The operating rate of downstream weaving enterprises is still recovering, and the demand for polyester filament is limited. Nearly all aviation and aerospace flights are chemically driven. At the same time, they also hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the polyester filament market. Market traders also have such a mentality, with only a small number of purchases. It is expected that the local polyester filament market will still be weak in the short term. Dty150d/48f is quoted as yuan/ton for various varieties in the market, so DT is different from others. Y 75d/36f (Network) is yuan/ton, FDY 100d/96f is yuan/ton, and FDY 150d/96f is yuan/ton

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