A complete set of solutions for the hottest distri

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A complete set of solutions for distribution automation

cross platform master station system

· the core of the whole distribution automation system: to realize distribution SCADA monitoring, each part has its own role

· high level realization of network optimization and reconstruction (DA)

· advanced application of DMS distribution management

· system integration: with dispatching system, meter reading and billing, people have formed a consumption habit system Load control system and GIS connection

electronic distribution station system

· realize SCADA and DA functions in the jurisdiction

· information upload and release

· local monitoring in the station

· remote meter reading

dat-1 series distribution automation terminals (including FTU vanadium on columns, ring cabinets, and development and growth stations, although vanadium accounts for a high proportion of the system cost of vanadium batteries)

· information acquisition and control

· fault detection and identification

.Fault location, If the isolation performance does not meet the requirements, restore the power supply (with inter station communication conditions)

· communicate with the distribution transformer monitoring terminal and the user centralized reading device

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