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The preparatory work briefing for the 9th China Plastics Expo was held in Beijing yesterday afternoon, the preparatory work briefing for the 9th China Plastics Expo was held in Beijing. Chen Weijun, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, sent a sincere invitation to guests at home and abroad: the 9th plastics Expo will be held in Yuyao from November 6 to 9 this year. Guests at home and abroad are welcome to participate in the Expo. Pan Derun, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Wang Shicheng, vice president of China Light Industry Federation, Xu Jinbo, secretary and vice president of Sinopec press, Zhou Shimin, deputy general manager of PetroChina chemical and sales branch, Zhao Lejia, deputy general manager of strategic planning department of China National Chemical Corporation, and zhuxiaobei, deputy mayor of our city attended the briefing

Chen Weijun introduced the general situation of the economic and social development of our city at the meeting, focusing on the development of professional markets such as China Plastic City in our city. Chen Weijun said that Yuyao is one of the major markets in the country, and the professional market transactions are booming. At present, it has 84 trading markets of various types, such as China plastic city and light industry mold city. In 2006, the market turnover was 34.04 billion yuan. As the largest professional plastic market in China and the largest means of production market in Zhejiang Province, China plastic city has developed particularly rapidly. All large domestic petrochemical enterprises and more than 20 large foreign petrochemical enterprises have entered the market to set up agent companies, and the turnover last year was 24.16 billion yuan. At the same time, plastic city Shangjiao 6. The double report easy market developed rapidly, with a transaction volume of 38.02 billion yuan last year. China's plastic price index, which was released in real time on Xinhua this year, has become a vane guiding the domestic and overseas plastic market

Chen Weijun said that relying on the local industry and market advantages, Yuyao has continued to increase its investment in the exhibition economy since this year, with 7% of the exhibition in the plastic City Convention and Exhibition Center Leverage ratio: the 2:1 exhibition hall has been expanded and transformed, constantly improving the software and hardware facilities of the exhibition hall and expanding the exhibition field, so as to make the exhibition economy a new growth point of the city's economic development. Yuyao regards holding the plastic Expo as an important carrier to further expand exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign countries and achieve development goals. It is expected that by holding this economic and trade event, while promoting the development of the national plastic industry, Yuyao will further carry forward the industrial advantages of the plastic Kingdom and the hometown of molds, and promote the sustainable, healthy and coordinated development of economy and society

vice mayor zhuxiaobei introduced the preparation of the plastics Expo. Zhu Xiaobei said that the ninth plastics Expo takes opportunity, exchange, cooperation and development as the theme, and focuses on building a long-term cooperation platform of mutual benefit, win-win, exchange and cooperation, and open competition between the domestic and foreign plastics industry, so as to further improve the internationalization, marketization, organization, and scientization of the exhibition, and create the first exhibition brand in the domestic plastics industry, Promote the development of plastics and related industries

Zhu Xiaobei said that this plastics Expo has a total of 1800 booths, an increase of 300 over last year, with an exhibition area of 42000 square meters, and a total of five exhibition areas, namely, the domestic large petrochemical exhibition area, Yuyao plastic industry exhibition area, plastic raw materials exhibition area, plastic mold technology and equipment exhibition area and plastic machinery exhibition area. The exhibition includes trade exhibitions, investment negotiations, scientific and technological seminars and exchanges, and six supporting activities. The preparatory work for this plastics Expo started as early as 1. Environmental issues began at the beginning of the year. At present, it is progressing smoothly, and nearly 90% of the booths have been booked by exhibitors at home and abroad

the leaders of the organizer of the plastics Expo put forward opinions and suggestions on the success of the ninth plastics Expo. Xinhua news agency, people's government, economy, China chemical industry news, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, Ningbo TV station and other media attended the briefing. (Jin Sulian)

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