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Compressed natural gas purification packaged mobile device developed successfully

recently, a new device for scattered natural gas recovery, compressed natural gas purification packaged mobile device was successfully developed in the western drilling. In the process of real-time display, recording and printing of experimental data in oil and gas test wells, the vented and burned natural gas can be effectively recovered, which is unprecedented in China

instead, we choose to devote ourselves to building a steel trade ecosystem. This new device is composed of eight containers, including a control system container device, a fast installation and fixed distance compensation high-pressure rigid process pipeline connection device, a compressed natural gas pre high-pressure post dehydration device, and other modules. It can be flexibly configured according to the on-site conditions to realize the pilot production of independent oil and gas wells and independent natural gas wells, as well as regional well pipe natural gas The vented gas from natural gas pipeline maintenance shall be recovered

this new device can be quickly disassembled and transported during construction. Like a small natural gas treatment plant, it can be moved and installed on the same day and put into operation on the same day. At the same time, the unit is equipped with a natural gas generator set, which does not need diesel oil. In the production process, its power energy is completely from the natural gas at the wellhead, and it can transmit 60 kW of power at full load for other users and devices. Stop printing the statistical data of the tested sample according to the requirements of the experimental report. The device has independent manual, automatic and remote central control modes in the control mode. During operation, the control mode can be changed and switched at any time according to the production situation. The device can realize timely video production monitoring without blind spots, and has the characteristics of advanced ultraviolet fire alarm system, independent fire protection system and emergency power supply system, automatic fault diagnosis and hierarchical control system, emergency shutdown system, etc

after the new device is put into operation, it can recover a large amount of well test natural gas, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, protect the environment, and achieve good social benefits and economic benefits based on stability in the steel raw material market, providing a solid guarantee for the clean and economical development of the oil field

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