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What is anthropomorphic head recording? -- Brief introduction dummyheadreco

most friends who have listened to headphones know that the effect of headphones to replay music is very different from that of speakers, especially in the "sound field". Although headphones can also create the effect of sound field, they are far less natural than speakers. "The most significant defect of headphones is the unnatural sound field" has become the consensus of enthusiasts. What caused this? There are two main factors. First, when the music is replayed with the loudspeaker, the sound signal is sent out from the loudspeaker, transmitted through the air and reaches the human ear. At this time, the "horn sound" heard by the human ear, like all kinds of sounds in nature, passes through the pinna, external ear and ear canal, is transmitted to the eardrum, and is perceived by the brain nerve

in this process, the refraction, diffraction and diffraction of sound waves by human auricles, ear canals, human skulls and shoulders will have a certain impact on sound. Acoustically, HRTF, or "head related transfer function", is used to describe this effect. Because of the influence of HRTF, human brain can judge the direction and distance of sound based on experience. People can judge the direction and distance of sound even if they cover their eyes. This is the judgment made by the brain based on the experience of HRTF influence. When listening to music through headphones, the sound is directly "poured" into both ears by the headphone drive unit, that is, the influence of human auricles, skulls and shoulders on the sound is gone, and HRTF does not exist. In this case, the human brain cannot accurately judge the direction and distance of sound. Many people think that when listening to music with headphones, Sound field "The implementation of green building feels unnatural, and the positioning of musical instruments seems to be false, which is the main reason. Another reason is that when making stereo recording, the microphones of the left and right channels are usually several meters or even more than ten meters away from each other. The stereo signal obtained from such a distance is poured into both ears by two headphone units only 30 cm apart. The usual effect is that most of the sound field seems to be squeezed between the left and right ears In my mind, it is commonly known as "in head effect"

however, a dual channel recording method of "dummy head" perfectly solves this drawback of headphones. The record recorded in the way of human head can create a more realistic 360 degree sound field effect than the speaker when it is appreciated with headphones. It is the most perfect high fidelity recording and playback method in sound field reproduction so far. It is impossible to create a comparable sound field effect with speakers, unless you surround the listeners with countless speakers and use countless channels when recording! However, the CD recorded by the anthropomorphic head can only be appreciated with headphones, and its advantages in the sound field can not be brought into play with speakers. Why? This is about to talk about the principle of anthropomorphic head recording technology

in short, the recording method of the anthropomorphic head is to place two miniature omnidirectional microphones in the ear canal of a dummy head that is almost the same as the human head (when the wear of the leaf spring exceeds 10%, it is close to the position of the human eardrum membrane), simulating the whole process of human ears hearing sound. This artificial head has pinna, ear canal, skull, hair and shoulders, and even skin and bones are made of the materials closest to human body. All this is for one purpose: to simulate as truly as possible all the effects of HRTF on human ears when hearing sound

the signal recorded by these two microphones should be equivalent to the sound heard by the ears of a real person at the position of the artificial head. This dual channel signal cannot be post processed (otherwise the authenticity of "simulated human head" will be destroyed) and recorded directly on the record. As long as you enjoy this record with headphones, you can almost perfectly restore the sound field (360 degrees) of the recording place, as if the listener is in the recording place, because all HRTFs are saved on the record and replayed by headphones. Obviously, playing this record with speakers will also have a good stereo effect, but it must not be compared with headphones. Because in the process of playing the loudspeaker, the listener is affected by HRTF again, which interferes with the original HRTF information in the record

360 degree sound field effect can be perfectly restored with dual channel recording! This should have been a great good thing. However, anthropomorphic head recording is only suitable for headphone playback, which greatly limits its use. Therefore, there are few CDs recorded with anthropomorphic head technology on the market, which is difficult to find. On the famous anthropomorphic head technology station, there are more than 100 kinds of CDs to order, but due to the small circulation, most of them are expensive. When enthusiasts order at foreign stations, payment and transportation are very troublesome

an American friend of the author knew that I was a headphone lover, so he specially ordered a human head recording from tower records and gave it to me as a gift. This limited edition gold-plated CD with a price of up to $50 may be the world's first record of a large Symphony recorded with anthropomorphic head technology. It contains the German composer Richard Strauss's "Zarathustra said so" and the French composer Saint Saen's "Organ Concerto", which is extremely precious. It is almost always some small record companies that publish avatar CDs. This CD is published by Newport classics and numbered ncau10001

when making this recording, a Newman ku100 simulation head was placed above the conductor. All the sounds in the recording place were completely recorded on a 20 bit hard disk, and the final gold-plated CD was made by sonic solutions workbench. In addition to improving the quality of products, the monitors used in this kind of situation include B W matrix 801Ⅲ speakers, Sennheiser hd580 headphones, bryston 4B power amplifier and apogee's 20 bit digital to analog converter. The traditional two-channel recording method can only record and restore the 180 degree front space, while this anthropomorphic head record records the complete spatial information within the 360 degree range of the recording venue! It is naturally the most appropriate to enjoy this CD with Sennheiser hd580 headphones, because this headphone is used as a monitor during recording. Of course, the effect of using other high fidelity headphones is as good as it is. At present, it is still a bottleneck that has not been bought out

on the whole, this CD not only has a feverish sound effect, large dynamics, wide frequency response, and high analytical power (the ultra-low frequency emitted by the pipe organ makes people goose bumps), but also fully demonstrates the advantages of the "artificial head" technology. Indeed, the fidelity of the sound field is unparalleled. Friends who are familiar with headphones know that when listening to ordinary CDs with headphones, the sound field seems to "accumulate" in the mind between the ears, and the existence of "head effect" makes the sound

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