Common vocabulary of the hottest material handling

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Common vocabulary of material handling machinery (I)

bucket wheel excavator bucket wheel stacker reclaimer

hydraulic transport


counterbalanced forklift for Jinan experimental machine main body and dynamometer installation do not need special foundation K, especially in the automotive industry lift truck

lifting hook

multi bucket excavator

self propelled crane s Elf promoted crane

moving sidewalk

escalator escalator

grab grab conveyor

scraper conveyor

lifting table

slab conveyor

portal crane

aerial ropeway utilizes heat balance principle and circular mixing mode

overhead monorail system.Head monorail system

enmasse conve Yo

container pipe conveyor system

vibrating conveyor

hopper elevator skip hoist

air cushion conveyor

floating crane

lifting suction cup hoisting suctorial cup

the compressive capacity of the compressed sample of the lifting tackle and its height h0hoisting notch

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