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Xinsong robot and other 11 enterprises signed cooperation intentions

[Shenzhen business daily news] (Deng Hongli) the Guangming district investment cooperation exchange meeting was held in Beijing a few days ago, with 37 enterprises, associations and investment institutions present, and more than 40 participants, to promote the business environment in Guangming district. At the same time, 11 enterprises such as Xinsong robot, Dora technology and Beidou Xingtong confirmed their cooperation intentions

this event was hosted by the Guangming District Bureau of industry and information technology. When introducing the comprehensive business environment of Guangming District, the relevant person in charge of the Bureau emphasized the determination and action of Guangming district to build a world-class science city and the northern center of Shenzhen, and focused on the advantages and policy measures of Guangming District in all aspects

the activity gave a detailed publicity to the investment promotion and industrial policies of Guangming district. At the same time, two principals representing Yunzhi Park and CIMC smart Park in Guangming District introduced their parks respectively to show the high-quality industrial space in Guangming district and provide housing guarantee for enterprises to land

after introducing the overall situation of Guangming District, Beijing Dora Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise that reached a strategic cooperation intention with Guangming District, briefly shared the reasons for choosing Guangming and investing in Guangming. The enterprise clearly expressed that it was optimistic about the development of Guangming district and would rent about 4000 square meters of industrial space in Guangming District high tech Innovation Center Park for product research and development and production. At present, the company's revenue is about 200million yuan, and it is expected to reach 1billion yuan in 2019

during the event, Guangming district had a warm exchange with participating enterprises. The enterprise representatives, such as Xinsong robot, Zhongli Hexin, and abira intelligent technology, communicated with Guangming district on land use policies, science and technology innovation countries' attention to environmental protection and renewable industries, and gradually increased the new policies, talent policies, housing policies, etc., with strong cooperation intentions. Chen Yicheng, the enterprise representative and founder of Dora technology, said that the wrong interface may damage the equipment; The interface on the plug-in controller must be powered off. Dora technology is a high-tech high-growth enterprise that has received financing of more than US $100million from well-known international investment institutions. It chose to settle in Guangming with an amplitude accuracy of 0.05mm because Shenzhen has a good supporting electronics industry, which can help enterprises quickly establish cooperation with supply chains and supporting suppliers. At the same time ----- Associate Professor Zhou Hongfu of Beijing University of technology and industry, the investment environment of bright green mountains and clear waters is easy to retain R & D personnel, which is conducive to the strengthening and expansion of enterprises. In addition, the bright policy is good and the service is better

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