Common types and transmission efficiency of the ho

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Common types and transmission efficiency of gears

(1) spur gear: a linear cylindrical gear with teeth parallel to the axis

(2) rack: a linear strip gear that engages with the spur gear, which can be said to be a special case when the pitch of the gear becomes infinite

(3) internal gear: the inner gear of a linear cylinder that engages with the spur gear

(4) helical gear: cylindrical gear with helicoid ribs

(5) helical rack: a linear gear engaged with a helical gear

(6) double helical gear: helical gear formed by left and right spiral ribs

calculated by equation (4): 2 Straight bevel gear (bevel gear)

(1) straight bevel gear: an umbrella gear whose tooth rib is consistent with the generatrix (straight line) of the pitch cone

(2) spiral bevel gear: the tooth rib is an umbrella gear with a helical curve

(3) zero helical bevel gear: a curved bevel gear with zero helical angle

3. Gears with staggered shafts (worm gear and worm)

(1) worm gear: the cylindrical worm gear is the head office of worm and wheel. The technicians of the company decided to develop a set of quality management system by themselves

(2) staggered helical gear: This is the consumption of cylindrical polyurethane insulation materials, showing a linear increasing trend. It is called helical gear when using the transmission between staggered shafts (also known as skew shafts)

(3) other special gears:

face gear: it is a disc-shaped face gear that can engage with spur gear or helical gear

concave worm gear: the general name of concave worm and the gear engaged with it

hypoid gear: conical gear that conveys staggered shafts. The shape is similar to curved bevel gear

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