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Communication between drug packaging and consumers

from the perspective of integrated communication proposed by modern marketing means, drug packaging has become not only a product strategy issue, but also an irreplaceable medium in promotional means. Consumers' interest in products largely depends on the extensive penetration of the mass media, but whether it can lead to the final purchase depends on the key "one foot at the door". As the last step in communication with consumers, packaging plays a decisive role. Enterprises need to convey the connotation of products through packaging, and also need to complete the last step of communication with consumers through packaging. Interactive personalized marketing has gradually become the mainstream mode of post market ring method, gradual approach method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, arbitrary point extension strength, and arbitrary field marketing. Personalized consumption puts forward higher requirements for drug packaging design. The drug packaging that consumers pay attention to is not pictures or fancy, but whether the packaging reflects the taste and lifestyle of the target group. Those pleasing to the eye and high-grade packaging are naturally favored, which requires designers to go deep into life and pay attention to the grasp of human nature when designing packaging. At the same time, we should also note that pharmaceutical products, as a special commodity, have strict quality requirements, and their packaging should also be unique

1. Drug packaging must first comply with relevant national policies and decrees. The state is strictly managing and controlling the drug market and drug production enterprises through the adjustment of industrial policies and regulations

drug packaging is directly related to the compatibility of drugs and packaging materials, as well as the impact of packaging materials on drug stability during the storage period of drugs. When applying for new drugs, it is necessary to put forward the packaging form of drugs, the compatibility test between drugs and packaging materials, the quality standard of materials, the license of material suppliers and other materials. Drug manufacturing enterprises must strictly abide by the drug administration law and establish product packaging archives, including packaging forms, quality standards of packaging materials, inspection procedures, packaging material suppliers, etc

2. Drug packaging is a functional packaging

drug packaging is one of the most complex packaging types. For example, it should be easy to open and prevent children from eating by mistake. As packaging design experts said, it is difficult to properly complete the design of this comprehensive packaging. "You can design a convenient package for consumers, but it must be functional."

how to meet its functionality? First of all, there should be a clear and descriptive introduction to the product. According to the particularity of drugs, the net content, date of use, identification number, etc. should be clearly marked in the packaging design according to the regulations. According to the principle of patient priority, the ingredients of drugs must be clearly marked on the drug packaging, which requires the packaging designer to try to mark more relevant information on the Limited packaging, so as to be responsible for consumers and reassure consumers. In this process, the packaging image has become an important medium, which directly reflects the quality of goods and helps to improve consumers' desire to buy. Secondly, humanization has penetrated into packaging design. For example, in drug packaging, children's safety has become the primary consideration. Therefore, in the packaging design, it must be considered that there is a clear difference from food packaging to prevent children from eating by mistake. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the medication for the weak. For example, the drugs for people with arthritis cannot be packed in bottles with locked sealing caps. This shows that humanization has been attached great importance in the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Another example is that the drug package for the elderly and children that will affect the application life of the device is provided with a safety cover; A measuring cup with accurate measurement and convenient use is equipped for oral liquid; On the package, there are eye-catching prompts such as "put the drugs out of the reach of children", all of which not only bring the drug safety information to patients, but also have the effect of consumer psychological recognition

3. Image design of drug packaging

due to historical and cultural reasons, the design of drug packaging in China is relatively simple and plain. Many similar drug packaging words are the same, only distinguished by color changes, and the product name is not eye-catching, which is easy to be confused. Because medicine is a special commodity, it has the dual attributes of medicine and commodity. Therefore, drug packaging design should not only comply with the drug administration law and relevant policies and regulations, but also reflect the image of the enterprise and improve the taste of appearance design, so as to obtain the recognition of consumers

pay attention to packaging design, and also pay attention to the application of American science and psychology in packaging design. Design is a creative activity, not a simple combination of color patches. How to make a design look balanced, eye-catching and aesthetic is the key to the application of aesthetics and psychology. We should fully consider the pharmacological effects of drugs, the main therapeutic functions and the psychological feelings of patients in the use of color, the segmentation and combination of layout, the adjustment of text patterns and the selection of background patterns

as a special commodity, drugs have strict quality requirements, and their packaging also has its own uniqueness, which is different from health products and general food. Take the text design on the drug packaging for example, the designer should adjust the font, size and spacing according to the packaging size, and pay attention to the details of the design. In order to make medical staff and users look convenient and comfortable, this method cannot be adopted if the key point is prominent, which is clear at a glance. Because even a little negligence will cause people's visual unsightness or imperfections, and it is easy to make people distrust drugs. Especially as over-the-counter drugs can be sold in supermarkets, consumers have great autonomy and selectivity. Therefore, in the packaging design of OTC drugs, we should pay more attention to the quality of color layout and printing effect, so as to enhance the trust of consumers while promoting the corporate image

the information conveyed by drug packaging has the advantages of pertinence, durability and high reliability. However, the packaging itself also has many shortcomings, such as poor flexibility, less information, slow transmission speed and so on. Therefore, in the process of drug packaging design, we should comprehensively consider the characteristics different from other media, make flexible and ingenious choices, and tap the communication role of packaging as a media to a greater extent. In addition, it is also necessary to express the image of the enterprise through drug packaging to complete a deeper sense of communication

in fact, at present, the competition concept among enterprises has changed to the competition of the overall image of enterprises. The introduction of CI requires that the enterprise image can be expressed through packaging design. As a unique identification symbol, packaging can do this. As the form of some drug packaging is too old, it has become an obstacle that will cause friction between pendulum bearings and communicate with consumers. Some new styles of foreign products are worth learning from. For example, the outer package of a French perfume is printed with the brand logo of the enterprise on a transparent plastic bag. This kind of packaging conveys the connotation of "genuine goods" to consumers, and also drives the sales of products of similar brands. There is no need to copy this practice in drug packaging, but it is necessary to introduce this concept. In fact, the expression of pharmaceutical enterprise image through pharmaceutical packaging design is not only conducive to the dissemination of pharmaceutical enterprise image, but also reduces the burden of pharmaceutical enterprises in advertising. More importantly, it strengthens the recognition of consumers and society to its brand, thus realizing in-depth communication

with the acceleration of the process of international trade integration, it is required that the packaging design should reach the international level as far as possible and have the ability of global recognition. However, packaging design cannot be globalized for the sake of globalization. Any packaging design has its inseparable national traditional cultural background

"only the national is the world." There are different views on how to reflect the national style in packaging theory and practice, but as long as we understand that its fundamental purpose is to better communicate with consumers, we will not lose direction in the process of packaging design

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