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Plastic tensile machine: the commonly used test standard for plastics

plastic tensile machine is also called plastic tensile testing machine, so what standards do plastic tensile machines need to meet in the plastic industry? The following are the details:

1, GB (plastic stretching)

after reading below, you will understand 2, GB (plastic bending)

3, gb/t (plastic bending)

4, gb/t (determination of plastic compressive modulus of elasticity)

5, gb/t (small sample test method for plastic bending)

6, gb/t (plastic shear strength test method)

7 Qb/t (plastic right angle tear test method

8, ASTM D (American standard plastic investors will not strictly require the properties of the insulation material itself)

9, ASTM D (American Standard Germany is currently exploring plastic bending to 4.0 on the basis of 3.0)

10, ASTM D (American standard plastic compression)

11, ISO (plastic tension)

12, ISO (plastic bending)

13, ISOE (plastic bending)

14, iso604 (plastic compression)

15 DIN (German standard plastic stretching)

16, DIN (German standard plastic bending)

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