Common terms in the hottest typesetting

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Common terms in typesetting

1 High profile: the picture bit with more light is of course bright and snow-white. The Japanese color separation style likes the highlight bit without dots to lengthen the picture level

2. Low (3). Contact: tone: it's not a weak voice, but a dark picture, or dark tone

3. Explosion: it's not a terrorist event. Insufficient memory or disk space will actually make the computer dead

4. Pounds: not weight. It is the measurement unit of typesetting, and the minimum unit of English letters is point. 1 inch minute 72 sheets should be clamped symmetrically with the jaws as required; Secondly, check whether the jaw teeth are damaged

5. Level: it does not refer to class. In the era of optical Phototypesetting, it refers to the size of text. Level 4 is 1 mm

6. No.: it does not refer to the horn, but refers to the size of characters in the lead printing era. The maximum size of special characters is 72 pounds, and the minimum size of No. 8 characters is 5 pounds

7. If a deviation from the specified value is detected, flat: it does not refer to the hair style, but refers to deforming the square shape with the lens to flatten the word. Flat 1 is 10%, flat 2 is 20%, flat 3 is 30%, and flat 4 is 40%

8. Long body: it does not refer to the body shape, but to the narrow body character, which is 1 narrow by 10%, 2 narrow by 20%, 3 narrow by 30%, 4 narrow by 40%

9. Airbrush: airbrush with compressed air and airbrush. The method of making gradient by hand before DTP era

10. Byte: it is not a festival of words, but a unit of computer machine language byte, 8 bits equal to one byte


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