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Dryer has a clever way to dry high humidity materials

high humidity material rope stretching fixture has always been a headache for the dryer. The nature of the material itself is that the drying efficiency has been unable to reach a new height. Keheng, a dryer manufacturer, has been engaged in the R & D and production of dryer equipment for more than 20 years, sharing the difficulties and solutions of high humidity materials in the dryer process. Difficulty 1: 50% - 80% of the water content of high humidity materials needs to be evaporated in the dryer to produce steam, so that the material can gradually evaporate water to 3% - 5% in the drying project. It needs to continuously supply its high-temperature hot flue gas, so the heat consumption of the dryer is very high. Solution: 1. Install a chain device at the feeding end inside the dryer barrel to ensure uniform heat transfer and increase the evaporation water surface area of the material. 2. Change the inclined installation mode of the traditional dryer with high fire inlet end and low fire far end. Because this installation method can only speed up the flow of materials to the low temperature end, the function of the lifting plate is almost zero. Difficulty 2: the high moisture content of materials makes it impossible to feed the dryer evenly, and it is prone to agglomeration and sticking. Slime dryer [/url] solution: 1. Quickly send high moisture materials into the dryer for heat exchange with high-temperature hot flue gas to make the surface crusted, so as to solve the problem of material blockage and sticking to the cylinder of the dryer with lead screw drive and rack drive. 2. The dryer cylinder is specially equipped with a chain device that can shake at will. Difficulty 3: in order to keep the airflow in the dryer barrel unobstructed and discharge the water vapor, it is necessary to increase the hot air and system wind speed. Solution: the dryer for drying high humidity materials should choose a dryer with large length, diameter and diameter, so that the dried materials can be fully dried by reciprocating movement in the cylinder, the temperature from the row of materials to the end of the cylinder will drop, the water will start from the following aspects, the molecular moisture content will increase and the moving speed will slow down, and the materials will be discharged first. The above are the difficulties and solutions encountered by Keheng in the drying process of high humidity materials. Slime dryer and fly ash dryer produced by Keheng are equipment for drying high humidity materials. They have high drying efficiency and convenient operation. You are welcome to visit the factory.: Interpret the overload resistance of high humidity material dryer

source: Zhengzhou Keheng Equipment Co., Ltd

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