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Drug packaging should suit the case

as the saying goes, "ten miles are different", you like red, he likes green, and each has his own good; You can't insist on his evil side; Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, hundreds of people have hundreds of tastes - follow them to suit their needs, which is the best policy in the service industry

the production, circulation and sale of modern commodities, especially "imported" and "life-saving" drugs, must pay great attention to this big problem with both universality and unique requirements: investigating the market, understanding the market and adapting to the market - this is the general rule of general commodity market sales

when drugs enter the international market, the primary point of their "packaging" should focus on doing as the Romans do, natural conditions, social environment, living standards, eating habits, taboo preferences, etc. only when they are clearly understood can they have a definite target and suit the remedy to the case

the following aspects should be paid attention to when analyzing:

method metal tensile testing machine can be called tensile testing machine to metal regulations. The international market has detailed legal provisions on the packaging of pharmaceutical products, which are strictly restricted and not bad. For example, in Australia and the United States, yibinzhou will make every effort to build a 500 billion level high-end aluminum industry cluster, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity. Wood packaging is prohibited from importing all kinds of goods, otherwise it must be fumigated and a written certificate must be presented. In Germany, it is strictly forbidden to import any goods in any wooden packaging. No matter how valuable traditional Chinese medicine is, you cannot use wooden boxes

pattern. The decoration patterns of pharmaceutical packaging cannot be designed and printed at will, let alone put on the market at will. It is beyond reproach to use its own patterns on the packaging of precious Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng and velvet antler, but it should be noted that hexagonal andshaped patterns are disgusting in some Arab and European countries. "Peacock" used to be the trademark of a foreign trade company in Hebei for exporting medlar. It was sold to Southeast Asia and other countries for several years, and then it was sold to Latin America

and it is equipped with a gate to control the flow rate of the wind. The Red Crowned Crane is an auspicious and long-lived bird in China, but in France, it is the alias of a stupid man and a whore. Owls are regarded by most Chinese as unlucky birds, while in some western countries, they are the embodiment of wisdom, courage and fortitude. Tortoise is often used as a scolding language, and many parts of Japan regard it as the star of longevity

living standard. The packaging of drugs sold to developed countries and developing countries is also different. For example, in Japan, the lower the price of medicine, the less people buy it. Only the luxuriously decorated and well-designed ginseng and American ginseng, which make the Buyer show dignity and wealth, can they be sold. Chinese herbal medicines such as Lycium barbarum, which are packaged in simple or bulk, are still marketable in countries and regions such as Vietnam and Myanmar, which have low living standards

seasons and seasons. Sending cotton padded clothes in summer and sending orders in winter is a big taboo in the operation and sales of general commodities, and has long been abandoned by many merchants. Traditional Chinese medicine has a wide range of medicinal properties, including wild species, plants and animals. There are different dosage and sales in different seasons. This also needs to be paid attention to by traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers and dealers, so as to organize different types of drug sources according to different seasons and seasons to meet the needs. Guangdong has a long summer, so it is inevitable that herbal tea prepared with traditional Chinese medicine will sell well; Northeast China grows in winter, and the nourishing ginseng and antler decoction pieces are naturally popular. As for drugs sold to the international market, the climate difference in different regions is a factor that cannot be ignored

regional characteristics. China has a vast territory, from Hainan Island in the south to Harbin, the ice city in the north, from the high source of Qinghai Tibet, the roof of the world, to the vast North China Plain, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain, hills, valleys and seashores, which can be described as thousands of landforms. Therefore, this regional feature should also enter the overall planning of marketers

vocabulary difference. Commodities generally have their own signs, and trademarks are particularly important in the global economic war. As the world's largest country of intellectual property rights of traditional Chinese medicine, China's trademark awareness must be strengthened. However, when determining that an object (or totem) is the trademark of this medicine, you must make clear the different meanings in different regions of the world, so as to appropriately and semantically publicize your medicine. Otherwise, it may make a big joke

taking habits. Most western countries, including China's coastal cities with rapid development, the high frequency of work and the fast pace of life have affected daily life. Efficiency and time have become the first major events in everyone's life. Although the old method of taking Chinese herbal medicine in large packages and boiling soup is still in use, the refined small packages of Chinese herbal medicine, only a few grams or a few pills, are more popular. In some remote areas, there may be difficult diseases, old prescriptions and old packaging are still popular and useful

shape. Different countries pay different attention to the shape of drugs: Japan's preferred powder, Americans like tablets, Latin America believes that injections are helpful for treatment, and doctors in India and Pakistan advocate drops. This is the case with psychological factors and habitual forces. Your drugs should be treated differently when exported to these different countries and regions

taboo of numbers. Numbers also have a sense of enthusiasm. Now it has almost become common sense. If you pack 4 tablets or 4 pills, consumers may not buy it. If you pack 6 tablets or 8 tablets, the situation is very different

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