The hottest drupa exhibition is held in Heidelberg

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Drupa exhibition made a good start for Heidelberg in 2012/2013 fiscal year

the exhibition effect was better than expected. Both the order volume and the number of visitors were second to none, which made all competitors catch up with it: nearly 2000 orders from more than 80 countries were received, Including about 600 orders for sheet fed offset printing machines

technological innovation has become the dominant trend

global investment has gradually recovered, and the market development momentum in North America and Japan is particularly good

Heidelberg further consolidated its leading position in technology and actively explored the green printing market

Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Heidelberg) really made a lot of money at the just concluded 2012 exhibition in druba. As expected, this exhibition has greatly stimulated investment in the print media industry. The numerous orders at this exhibition show that the entire industry is regaining confidence. In many parts of the world, many enterprises are resuming investment. We have received nearly 2000 orders from more than 80 countries, including nearly 600 orders for sheet fed offset presses alone. More than 300000 visitors from all over the world visited hall 1 where the Heidelberg booth is located, and were impressed by the new printing technologies and trends displayed here. Both the number of orders and the number of visitors are second to none, which is beyond the reach of all competitors. Bernhard Schreier, chief executive of Heidelberg, said: the number of orders we received at this exhibition is about half of the total production of printing units in the previous year

the investment intention of the global printing media industry has gradually increased in drupa 2012. In addition to Germany, the investment volume of Asian markets, especially Japan and China, has been optimistic and maintained a high growth rate. Other countries in the region have also made satisfactory investments in Heidelberg solutions. In emerging South American markets, especially Brazil, orders have also been growing in recent quarters. The development momentum of the U.S. market is also very satisfactory, and the order volume ranks third among all countries. In addition, orders from France, Russia and the Middle East are also increasing

among all major markets, Germany and China rank first and second respectively, followed by the United States, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Japan

the rapid development momentum of the United States, Japan and other countries made us very optimistic, which exceeded our expectations. Many printing houses take advantage of the drupa exhibition to comprehensively update their equipment to meet the new market demand. Shiher said

innovation promotes investment

Heidelberg appeared in druba 2012 with about 60 innovative achievements in the field of Commerce and packaging printing, further consolidating its leading position as the number one solution provider in the print media industry, and successfully becoming a market leader, innovator and technology and process integrator. Many customers have a special interest in Heidelberg and are eager to invest in its solution package. More than one third of all printing unit orders are related to the technological innovation achievements displayed at the exhibition. The new Suba SX equipment platform exhibited at the drupa exhibition was particularly popular, and nearly 500 printing units were successfully sold. The concept of applying the high-end technology used in the peak class Suba XL series equipment to the recognized Suba SM series equipment platform is crucial in meeting the market demand. Now, a wide user base can benefit from these technologies

the trend of striving to achieve higher productivity is intensifying

customers have invested, highlighting the trend of enterprises striving to achieve higher productivity and connect through software. Xuba XL 106 is a new flagship printer in the field of 70100 cm format, and it is also the most popular and best-selling printer at this exhibition. The demand for double-sided printing machines for commercial printing and printing machines using UV technology for the rapidly growing packaging printing market is particularly eye-catching. Customers from Germany, the United Kingdom, North America and Japan are the largest buyers, and they have invested in the leading technology of Suba XL 106. Heidelberg also received large orders of large-scale Speedmaster XL 145 and Speedmaster XL 162; Facts have proved that these two printing machines are especially popular with customers in the packaging and printing industries. Heidelberg's leading technology has also attracted many competitors' customers, making them intend to change suppliers and invest in Heidelberg's embrace

Heidelberg also successfully launched the new Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor color printing system and won the trust of many audiences. The printing machine is now equipped with Anicolor technology, which has achieved brilliant success in the small format market

huge demand for post press solutions

you can use this time to check the possible problems of the finished products

Heidelberg has also successfully signed several large post press product contracts. The new qidingwang st 500 horseback stapler, enhanced Starr th 82 folding machine, eurobind PR adhesive binding machine, as well as varimatrix and dymatrix die cutting machines for the field of packaging and printing, and Diana x 115 folding carton gluing machine attracted a large number of audiences in many customer demonstrations, and made enough attention

the high added value of the integrated digital printing product series convinced customers

at the drupa 2012 exhibition, Heidelberg's digital printing machine integrated into the company's product series under the brand name of linoprint also impressed our customers. In many customers' investment decisions, the other two cables should be grounded. The ability to integrate the commercial printing oriented linoprint C digital printer into the printing plant workflow and then into the offset printing workflow by using the new print digital print manager is an important factor. Heidelberg gained a lot at this exhibition, and the number of orders received by linoprint C printing machine reached the total sales volume of the whole year in 2011.

Yintong has become a recognized industry standard.

printing plant operating system software Yintong is specially customized for the high growth field of the printing industry, and its powerful functions especially attract customers. From the first day to the last day, all the places to participate in the customer demonstration were sold out. As it turns out, integration has become the primary topic of concern in the whole industry. Most of the demonstrations focused on the new print business management system (prime business man can track specimen fracture without damaging the ager) and print web to print manager (prime web to print manager). Yintong integrated solution has sold more than 100 sets, and it is well deserved to say that it is the industry-leading software

services and consumables the perfect partner of Heidelberg equipment solutions

on the Heidelberg booth at the drupa venue, another highlight is the popular service area. Here, Heidelberg shows its comprehensive technical services, consumables and performance services, which complement the adjacent equipment solution demonstrations. In this way, many customers can more clearly recognize the added value of Heidelberg solutions. Especially attractive are the full saifeiyang ecological consumables expanded for the drupa exhibition, and the new service agreement specially customized for the needs of different business models of the printing factory

the eco-friendly nature of the solutions exhibited is also reflected in all customer demonstrations. This includes the carbon neutral booth itself, the carbon compensation of the whole printing machine production process, green consumables and a series of professional services aimed at reducing the energy consumption of printing plants. With this, Heidelberg further consolidated its leading edge in the field of ecological printing

drupa once again demonstrated the importance of being a major exhibition in the printing industry. For Heidelberg, the harvest brought by this exhibition exceeded our expectations, which was very satisfactory. In recent years, we have been unswervingly implementing development projects, and some of them are very difficult; Our efforts have paid off. Now, we can meet the future with optimism and confidence, shiher said

Figure 1: Heidelberg booth in drupa venue

Heidelberg is very satisfied with the harvest at drupa 2012 exhibition. As expected, this exhibition has greatly stimulated the investment enthusiasm of the print media industry

Figure 2: Heidelberg received orders for three xuba XL 162 ultra large format printers from the Chinese market

the signing group photo at the drupa exhibition site. The second on the left is Zhang Baolin, general manager of Bosheng printing, the third on the left is Peng Difeng, member of the board of directors and President of the equipment department of Heidelberg, and the first on the right is Li ruokun, general manager of Heidelberg Beijing office

Figure 3: medienhaus reuffurth will marry the showcased Supa XL 75 Anicolor richly colored printing system, and become the first user of Supa XL 75 Anicolor printing machine in the global Jinan experimental machine factory in 2016. Sincerely thank the new and old customers for the sales contract celebration ceremony at the 2012 exhibition in drupa: (from right to left) frank sser, product marketing manager of Heidelberg; Hans Reuffurt; Stephan plenz, member of Heidelberg board of directors and President of equipment department; Alexander Schuster, sales manager of central Heidelberg; Michael hasenfratz (back row), member of Heidelberg sales team

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