The hottest dryer escorts Xinyu grain industry and

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Dryer escorts Xinyu grain industry and helps farmers increase production and income

it is understood that 43 new grain drying enterprises have been built in Xinyu this year, and 60million kilograms of grain have been dried, far higher than the national average. At present, the grain dryer has covered every corner of the city's grain production and inventory machinery maintenance area entrusted by the asset management department. In addition, drying equipment not only improves work efficiency, saves a lot of labor, but also helps farmers increase their income by 5.4 million yuan

after the millet in the rice field is cut, farmers not only have to move home to dry, but also store and sell it by machine, which is laborious, time-consuming and vexing. However, in Xinyu City, this very hard work has been replaced by the grain drying industry being promoted. As long as the farmers cut the rice, someone will immediately transport the wet rice to the field and directly send it to the rice drying plant for drying. It is understood that this year, 43 grain drying enterprises in the city have dried 6620 tons of grain per day. At present, the city has dried 60000 tons of early rice, and grain drying enterprises have covered every corner of the city's grain production areas

during the summer grain purchase season, the author came to Minyu farmers' professional cooperative located in Luofang town with the staff of Yushui District Grain Bureau. This grain processing plant with an investment of 17million yuan is the first rice drying enterprise in the city and the largest in the province. The author sees that in the huge plant area of casting rollers and 3-roll calenders, there are an endless stream of vehicles of all sizes coming to sell grain, and more than 20 dryers, wet silos and dry silos operate efficiently, which can dry 1500 tons of rice per day. Hu Haigen, the head of Minyu farmers' professional cooperative, said that with the support and help of the municipal and district grain departments, the enterprise has been able to develop steadily, and local farmers have also benefited from it. The purchase price of every 100 kilograms of wet rice is more than 8 yuan higher than the market price

with the development of modern agriculture, the intensive management of cultivated land and the intensive production of grain have become a trend, but this is accompanied by the needs of grain farmers to collect, dry, store, sell, clean and dry, etc. pay special attention to a series of problems, which seriously affect the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain. During the second rice harvest in 2015, due to the long-term rainy weather, the newly harvested rice in our city was flooded, and the moldy grain reached 25million kg, accounting for 10% of the total output of the city on the second night of that year, which was heartbreaking. How to speed up the construction of grain postpartum service system and accelerate the development of grain drying industry has become an urgent task for the grain Department of Xinyu City

last spring, the Municipal Grain Department went deep into the main grain producing areas and began to investigate the development layout of the grain drying industry. It was found that a small number of farmers had invested in the construction of small-scale grain drying enterprises. Although the number and scale of drying were small, they were very popular with local farmers, and there was a phenomenon of sending grain and drying queues at the gate of the factory. The Municipal Grain department takes advantage of the situation, summarizes their experience in a timely manner, opens the way with typical examples, encourages and guides farmers with business acumen and economic strength of biodegradable high molecular materials, which are a more ideal medical device material, especially actively guides private capital to join them, and invests funds to participate in grain drying enterprises. Since this year, the drying industry has mushroomed in the city. According to statistics, private and social capital investment of 112 million yuan has been attracted this year, 43 new grain drying enterprises have been built, and 60million kilograms of grain have been dried, accounting for more than 30% of the total output of early rice this year, far higher than the national average

the rapid development of grain drying industry has effectively promoted the reduction of grain losses and increased the income of food and agriculture. In the purchase of early rice this year, all grain drying enterprises took the initiative to adapt to the market, complied with the national grain purchase policy, gave full play to the organizational role of the grain drying Enterprise Association, and made reasonable pricing. Under the condition of the reduction of the national minimum purchase price policy, the field purchase of wet rice per 100 kg was 12 yuan higher than that of the same period last year, and the average price per 100 kg reached 180 yuan. If the drying enterprises in the city purchase 60million kilograms of early rice, this alone will benefit farmers by 7.2 million yuan. At the same time, drying enterprises directly purchase grain in the fields, helping farmers reduce grain losses by more than 5%, which is equivalent to helping farmers increase their income by 5.4 million yuan

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