60% of the most popular Shanghai colored plastic b

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60% of Shanghai colored plastic bags are unqualified

recently, the Shanghai health supervision department failed to plastic it for food and absorb (12) the process and preparation technology of military functional materials; The water rate is related to the use, sales and production of material bags. In the special inspection, the qualified rate of plastic packaging samples is 78.3%, while the qualified rate of colored plastic bags is only 57.1%. Inspectors found that the use, sales and purchase channels of food plastic bags were unknown, and the farmers' market was the most serious

a total of 37 relevant units were inspected, and 60 plastic bags of food were sampled. Except that two supermarkets can provide the "approval document for hygienic examination of food and food products" approved and issued by the Municipal Health Bureau, due to the troublesome disassembly and installation, others cannot provide product approval documents (or hygiene licenses), product inspection reports and other relevant health certification materials. Among the 50 products sampled in the use link, the products from mobile hawkers accounted for 26%, mainly sold in the farmers' market, accounting for 92%, and the products with unknown materials accounted for 62%, mainly used in the farmers' market, accounting for 97%. The phenomenon of products without certificates is relatively common. In this inspection, although the use of recycled waste plastics in production was not directly found, most production enterprises did not ask for the product approval (or health license) of raw resin, inspection reports and other health certification materials, and from the perspective of the health quality of the sampled products, the use of recycled waste plastics still exists

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