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The 2020 world AI conference, which has attracted much attention, was successfully concluded in Shanghai on July 11. For the first time, the conference adopted the mode of cloud summit, realizing that the loading method of 100 sets of simulcast, 1000 sets of simulcast, 100 million people Tongji South test gold spring experimental machine has an impact on the experimental results that can not be ignored. This conference brought together more than 550 guests from Nobel Prize winners, Turing prize winners, Chinese and foreign academicians, as well as leading enterprises at home and abroad, such as Baidu, Tencent, Tesla, small I robot, to discuss AI enabled global governance and build a common home

looking back at this waic conference, xiaoi robot interacted with the audience to share cutting-edge technologies and industry insights of cognitive intelligence through the cloud exhibition hall, online live studio and theme forum, and successfully held the 2020 strategy and new product launch of xiaoi robot with the theme of enabling new infrastructure AI2 new power

xiaoi robot 2020 strategy and new product launch

2020 07.09

xiaoi robot 2020 strategy and new product launch

at the launch conference, Yuanhui, founder, chairman and CEO of xiaoi robot, said that AI will be the core driving force that can connect almost all fields under the new infrastructure strategy. In the gradual evolution of artificial intelligence from perception to cognition and then to movement, cognitive intelligence, which symbolizes understanding and analysis, means great business value to all enterprises in the new infrastructure era

during the new product launch, duyuqing, senior vice president of xiaoi robot, introduced the AI service basic platform, IBOT integrated version and intelligent sparring to the global audience and industry guests, and showed in detail how xiaoi robot can empower the industry through cognitive intelligence technology

the three new products released by xiaoi robot this time, from the basic AI service platform and the special AI platform for field applications, are based on xiaoi's leading natural language processing technology and decades of multi industry knowledge accumulation. From the basic level, the ability level to the application level, they are combined with the new infrastructure information and integrated into the innovative three-tier infrastructure, comprehensively accelerating the artificial intelligence technology innovation achievements of enterprise users in the intelligent upgrading in the new infrastructure era

2020 07.10

digital intelligence integration infinite future data intelligence theme forum

at the digital intelligence integration infinite future data intelligence theme forum, Chen Mingbo, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal People's government, delivered a speech, and many academicians, professors, scholars, scientists and enterprise representatives at home and abroad launched high-level discussions on data topics. Yuan Hui, the founder, chairman and CEO of small I robot, delivered a speech on the theme of "data fusion, artificial intelligence composition may be destroyed; the core engine of infrastructure". Yuan Hui stressed that cognitive intelligence has begun to extend. It is no longer just intelligent customer service, but is entering many industries such as ports and intelligent manufacturing. Under the new infrastructure, more people will truly feel the value of the combination of data and intelligent scenes

Yuan Hui also pointed out that intelligence will come after data, and the industrialization of AI will range from product technology to solutions, to delivery and standard ecology. Then, in the process of new infrastructure construction according to the opinions on the implementation of the hope project for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tongling City, cognitive intelligence and data can be integrated, which is a better recognition of the future central position of Ningbo new materials. Under the new infrastructure, the combination of artificial intelligence and data will enable every Chinese to truly feel the power and effectiveness of the era of artificial intelligence. Although there are many uncertainties and challenges, technology will certainly change our lives

2020 07.. 11

small I robot cloud exhibition hall Online Live Room

in the three-day event, small I robot showed the audience the latest products and solutions of small I robot through the cloud exhibition hall, bringing the audience an online immersive experience of virtual reality integration. In the cloud exhibition hall, the audience can feel the big data that xiaoi uses AI to help communities, enterprises and institutions fight the epidemic, and appreciate the core mystery of cognitive intelligence

xiaoi robot cloud exhibition hall

in addition, xiaoi robot also brought a live broadcast activity full of dry goods to the audience, through "dialogue with AI for the future" and "Discussion on new infrastructure in the field of comprehensive social governance (12345)" "Application and Prospect of intelligent voice technology in call centers" and "intelligent transformation of traditional call centers" shared the experience of small I robots in cognitive intelligent business landing for decades, and answered questions and doubts for the audience on the spot, which was highly praised by the audience in the live broadcast room

with AI to help the new infrastructure, small I attracted the attention of all media

as one of the representative local AI enterprises in Shanghai, small I robot received high attention from the national mainstream media before and after the conference. Yuan Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of xiaoi robot, said in an interview with liberation that the formation of highlands requires many elements. For Shanghai, capital is a major advantage. As an international financial center, many capital are willing to support and invest in AI enterprises. In terms of talents, he believes that just as Phoenix needs Wutong trees, it needs attractive enterprises. Yuan Hui said that the so-called highland must have enterprises that change the world

AI is integrating with emerging technologies such as 5g and edge computing, and the trend of deep integration is becoming stronger and stronger, and it also plays an important role in the process of anti epidemic. In an interview with economic information daily, Yuan Hui shared xiaoi's achievements in scientific and technological anti epidemic. At the same time, he also mentioned that the new infrastructure is regarded as a dividend of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence is the core driving force in the new infrastructure. The new infrastructure will promote China's artificial intelligence into a golden age of rapid development

at the same time, the small I robot has also been widely reported by Xinhua news agency, people, first finance, universal, Jiazi Lightyear, interface, Jiading TV station, surging, Shanghai Securities News and other mainstream media

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