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South China Institute of technology developed a "dry powder coating" that has zero pollution, that is, brush and live

South China Institute of technology developed a "dry powder coating" that has zero pollution, that is, brush and live

August 4, 2009

[China paint information] a "new dry powder coating" developed by South China University of technology completely does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), that is, brush and live, and completely achieve zero pollution. Recently, it passed the scientific and technological appraisal of Guangdong Province. Therefore, the design of fixture is relatively simple. Experts agree that the technical achievements of this project are at the international advanced level, and the promotion and application in the future will be a revolution in the field of architectural coatings

this project, entitled "redispersible polymer latex powder and dry powder wall materials", was completed by the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of South China University of technology. Since 2003, under the advocacy and organization of Professor Chen Huanqin, the fine chemical industry academic team of the university has finally developed a real ultra-low VOC architectural coating dry powder wall material (also known as dry powder coating) by a group of young teachers and six Ph.D. and master's students after years of efforts, and has realized industrial production in Guangzhou Hanli chemical company. The products have been used in many buildings in 4 cities of Guangdong Province and have been highly praised

"dry powder coating" is to dry the emulsion paint into powder by special process, and then add water and stir it when using. Because the production and storage mode has been changed, the lubricant is adsorbed on the metal surface, saving the chemical additives necessary in 8 kinds of general coatings. Compared with modern general architectural emulsion paint, it has the same decorative effect, but has higher cost performance. "Dry powder coating" not only completely solves the problem of environmental pollution (zero VOC), but also saves resources; "Dry powder coating" is a solid powder, which is packed in plastic bags, which is convenient for storage and transportation. Because WDW ⑵ 5C electronic universal experimental machine adopts full digital control technology, it saves packaging barrels and reduces production costs

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