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[dry goods sharing] analysis of sales volume of construction crane models in 2018

[dry goods sharing] analysis of sales volume of construction crane models in 2018

China Construction machinery information

according to relevant statistical data, the sales volume of major domestic cranes in 2018 is as follows

crawler cranes: 1828, an increase of 35% year-on-year in 2017

all terrain cranes: 206, Year on year growth of 54% in 2017

truck cranes: 32072, year-on-year growth of 57% in 2017

the above data only includes the number of vehicles delivered, not including the vehicles that have been signed but not delivered. Seeing the above data, do you think of the phenomenon of picking up money and robbing cars in that year. Through detailed data analysis, we can find out which model has the largest sales volume and what their respective proportion is (the following content is only for data analysis, there is no fixed conclusion, and it is not aimed at any manufacturer)

in 2018, the sales of all terrain cranes are mainly models below 350t. This model is generally limited to local leasing, and most of the original models are below 60m main boom. In recent years, the manufacturers have upgraded and transformed, The length of the main arm of the new models is more than 70 meters, and the performance gap between the two is becoming more and more obvious

in terms of investment income, most of the old vehicles have recovered their costs, and the fluctuation of the rental unit price has little impact on the old models, but it is limited to the characteristics of the products. There are no advantages in the rental model selection, and the business direction will be limited to a certain extent; However, for the new model, there are too many uncertain factors in the future, and the phenomenon of three-year repayment will not appear again. The years of repayment may be that some parts of analytical instruments and electrical instruments also belong to this category, which will take years. In the future, it may need to carry out business in many aspects, give play to the advantages of equipment, improve the unit price of tenants, and reduce the occurrence of bad debts

the number of truck cranes below 25t accounts for less than 80% of the annual sales volume, reaching about 25000. According to the calculation of 300 cities across the country, the average increase in each city is about 80. This is only theoretical data. If the activity of the city is concerned, it is possible for individual cities to add more than 100 innovative R & D, design, production, manufacturing, operation and sales models

although environmental protection requirements have become increasingly stringent on vehicle emissions, and various restrictive policies have emerged for national second-class vehicles, considering the vital interests of the majority of car owners, the relevant departments have not taken a "one size fits all" approach to management. That is to say, the original vehicles are not scrapped due to the age, and coexist in the market with cash purchase new vehicles, which virtually increases the possibility of mutual competition. In the future, the rental price may also be the main factor for vehicle users to choose vehicles, but it cannot be denied that the comprehensive ability such as service quality, scale and volume, and advance payment ability are also potential factors for transaction.

as of 2018, the number of crawler cranes in the country was about 35000, and although it accounted for less than 10% of the total crane market, crawler cranes have limitations on the working scene. Although the current market is relatively active, However, it is greatly affected by the regulation and control of relevant policies. In recent years, there have been many projects such as wind power construction, chemical engineering construction and transportation construction, but the general construction period will not exceed three years. However, the return on investment of new crawler cranes generally takes more than five years. In the future, how to survive the reinforcement period when graphene is usually not used in aluminum or steel is the focus of our work

write at the end: I don't want to reason with you when I write this article. Different people will see different focuses in the same article, because everyone's situation is different. It's not that it's bad for manufacturers to sell cars like crazy, nor that it's wrong for everyone to buy new cars. After all, in the daily business process, there is no one to help you except yourself

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