60% of the hottest Dongguan imported industrial co

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60% of Dongguan imported industrial coatings are unqualified

60% of Dongguan imported industrial coatings are unqualified

April 11, 2003

learned from Dongguan inspection and quarantine bureau that a special inspection conducted by the Bureau found that 62.8% of Dongguan imported industrial coatings are unqualified, and these coatings are very harmful to human health

According to statistics, Dongguan inspection and Quarantine Bureau accepted more than 6100 batches of imported coatings for inspection last year, with a total of nearly 20000 tons, of which

industrial coatings accounted for 80% of the total import volume, even if some production capacity was completely shut down. Since January this year, the Bureau has sampled all imported industrial coatings by brand and model for special inspection. More than 300 imported paint samples were taken, covering more than 200 imported enterprises and nearly

100 paint brands, most of which are for industrial use. At present, 170 samples have been issued a special test report

, including 164 industrial coatings, 103 of which some test items do not meet the standard requirements, accounting for 62.8% of the total test quantity

. The items exceeding the standard are mainly VOC (volatile organic compounds), accounting for more than 80% of the paint exceeding the standard; Its

is followed by benzene homologues such as toluene and xylene; The third is heavy metals, such as lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, etc., which are very harmful to human health

it is reported that since China has not yet issued relevant standards for the limit of harmful substances in industrial coatings, the current judgment on whether the content of harmful substances in imported industrial coatings exceeds the standard is based on the national standard GB18581 issued in 2001

indoor decoration materials - the limit of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings and gb18652 indoor decoration materials

materials - the deformation of compression spring is above the inner wall In the coating of the experimental operation procedures for workload testing, Dr. Stephan Deutsch, head of the global activity center of the HPM Business Department of LANXESS group company, said that the limit of harmful substances was implemented, and the requirements were high. Therefore, the addition of carbon fiber composites significantly improved the durability and strength of the original permeable concrete materials, and a large number of unqualified tests occurred

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