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Tuquan County dry-type transformer, supply transformer

Tuquan County dry-type transformer | Liangcheng County oil immersed transformer | Inner Mongolia transformer | Inner Mongolia Dongfang transformer, is a professional enterprise producing power transformers. The factory is equipped with corresponding engineering and technical personnel and senior engineers. The enterprise team has excellent quality and can undertake the design, manufacturing, technical consulting and other service projects of new products

Inner Mongolia Dongfang Transformer Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality standard. We can also provide our company with the customer quasi system certification in your corresponding region and the PCCC certification of the national electrical energy center, and have obtained a number of patents for the national digital display temperature value of transformers. The company has first-class production equipment and modern comprehensive workshops of international standards, with domestic first-class testing equipment and advanced multi-function CNC machine tools, multi-function CNC bending machines Vacuum impregnation equipment, kerosene gas-phase drying equipment, vertical and horizontal shear lines, etc. have international and domestic leading production equipment. The main products of the company include, for example, oil immersed power transformers of 220kV voltage grade and below, dry-type transformers of 35kV and below, oil immersed transformers of 20 (10) kV double voltage grade, Inner Mongolia dry-type transformers, sbh15 amorphous alloy transformers of scientific and technological projects, box transformers of 35kV and below, high and low voltage switchgear, single-phase column oil immersed transformers and other full series of power transformers. Excellent product quality and good after-sales service have become the two highlights of the company's products

direct voltage regulation method: on the original winding of the transformer, lead out the tap and connect the tap changer. The voltage regulation of the secondary side can also be realized by △ -y replacement between the three phases of the primary side. Delta-y switching is a very economical voltage regulation method. On the basis of not changing the number of turns on the primary side, the secondary side voltage can be reduced to the original 1/. Since each phase winding has 9 taps, plus △ -y commutation, a total of 2 can be obtained × 9 is the voltage of level 18. Thyristor voltage regulator is also known as "thyristor power regulator", "thyristor power regulator" or "power regulator" for short. "Thyristor", also known as "silicon controlled rectifier" (SCR), is a four layer three terminal semiconductor device, which meets the tensile test of long samples and full-size samples. Connected between the power supply and load, equipped with the corresponding trigger control circuit board, the voltage, current and power added to the load can be adjusted

Inner Mongolia Dongfang Transformer Co., Ltd. provides users with high-quality and efficient products, meets users' requirements with high-quality services, and looks forward to cooperating with new and old customers at home and abroad

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