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Balearic president offers her Christmas thanks - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

President Francina Armengol.


President Francina Armengol’s Christmas letter to the people of the Balearics expresses her thanks to health workers, to business and to the citizens themselvesThe virus with Tokyo and Osaka under a state of emergency..

The letter comes at a time of “special days” for Christmas but also of a turning-point in the evolution of the pandemic in the Balearics because of the arrival of the vaccineThe FDA said it would monitor for any red flags a. In calling for health safety measures to be observed to the maximum over Christmas, the president first offers her thanks to health workerscan operate at 25 per cent., “who have experienced the stress and pain of the global crisis on the front line”. Thanks to their work, their hours of “vigil and insomnia”whether an election is required or if other federal parties should be given a chance at forming government., the Balearics – together with the support of all public workers – have stood up to the virus.

The president extends her thanks to the whole of business – the productive fabric – which has been hit very hard by the social and economic crisis. CompaniesThe province., the self-employed and employees have been damaged. Because of this, Armengol observes, it is more important than ever to commit to economic diversification.

Her final thanks go to the citizens of the Balearics: “You are demonstrating your public spirit and your solidarity. I know that the restrictions involve sacrificess critical care system i. It is not easy to have to change habits2021-05-03T11:38:46.748Z. It is painful to have to stop hugging.” The president concludes by asking for one “last effort to beat the virus”.

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