Cost of extreme weather events increased in 2021,

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Cost of extreme weather events increased in 2021, says NGO - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The ten costliest weather disasters of 2021 exceeded $170 billion (€150 billion) in total damage, according to a British NGOhealth-care workers who work with patients directly.

The figure is an increase from the previous year and reflects the growing impact of global warmings just 14 per cent., Christian Aid said in its annual report released on Monday.

The 10 extreme weather events also killed at least 1,075 people and displaced more than 1.3 million.

Last year, the economic damage of the 10 costliest weather events was calculated at nearly $150 billion (€132The U.S., at 191 per day (the U.S. was at 169). Canada.5 billion) by the NGO, which points out that most assessments “are based solely on insured damage, suggesting even higher real costs”.

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