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Analysis on the future of British ink manufacturing industry

ink suppliers are currently under economic pressure from all aspects, and losses are common. Today, let's discuss whether the economic recovery can bring some help to these enterprises

in the past two years, the collapse of a large number of printing enterprises has brought heavy pressure to the ink market. The continuous increase of bad debts and the rise of raw material prices have made the business environment of the ink manufacturing industry worse and made it more difficult to formulate future development strategies. Although the prospect is bleak, some suppliers hope to win a chance for themselves through optimization and reorganization

so, what is the future of the ink industry? What changes can the economic recovery bring to this industry

first of all, although the British government announced that they had come out of the economic crisis in the fourth quarter of 2009, the economic difficulties faced by printing enterprises have not been eliminated. According to David ward, general manager of the ink manufacturer Stehlin hostag UK, bad debts are a major problem. The debt problem last year was often serious due to various physiological reasons, and caused a heavy blow to the commercial sheet fed field. Of course, the ink manufacturer was not spared

Peter Baird, marketing director of Flint Group, agrees with the above view. He predicts that the bad debt level of the printing industry will continue to rise in the next few months, and ink enterprises must take effective measures to avoid further damage

Baird said: it is good news for the whole printing value chain that Britain can get out of the recession, but we must remain vigilant. The end of the economic crisis prompted many enterprises to increase their inventories again to meet future needs. Although we all hope to see the growth of market demand as soon as possible, this wish may not be realized in a short time because all kinds of signs on the universal testing machine should be clear and durable. Therefore, if there is no cautious attitude, the bad debt problem may devour the future of ink enterprises

bad debt is a problem. Flexible packaging has entered the vision of cereal manufacturers, and product pricing is another problem. To make up for the company's losses in recent years, raising the price of products is the simplest way, but Colin McKenzie, director of UV products of arets, doesn't think so

he said: if the exchange rate of euro to sterling falls below the current 1.14 to 1, even raising the ink price will not help

when you calculate the ink cost, you should not only consider the exchange rate factor, but also pay special attention to the cost of raw materials

at present, the price of crude oil fluctuates every day, which makes it difficult for people to predict the changes that its price trend will bring to the market. Although many printing companies believe that the ink price has soared in recent years, in fact, its price has fallen to the level of 25 years ago. For example, the price of a set of A4 format color printing inks 25 years ago was about 20% higher than now

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