On the first day, the bhs25 MWA line ran at full s

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Run full speed on the first day! Bhs2.5-meter tile line was successfully put into operation in Jinfeng paper products. Release date: Source: China good packaging. On September 10, the teachers' day, BHS star of excellence corrugated board production line was successfully started up in Guangdong Jinfeng paper products Co., Ltd! The design speed of the equipment is 300m/min, and the door width is 2.5m. It runs at full speed on the first day of startup

according to the relevant person in charge of BHS, all the single machines of the company will be debugged before leaving the factory. After the installation of the whole line at the customer's site, the commissioning engineer will re debug the whole line (without paper), and then direct production. Like the tile line settled in Jinfeng paper products, the paper will be directly delivered on the first day of startup. 5. The load of the hardness tester is all added with the stop plate. The speed is very close to the design speed, and there is almost no waste

it is understood that Dongguan Jinfeng paper products Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dongguan Hengfeng Color Printing Co., Ltd., which should adopt impact specimen notch broaching machine, is a leading paper packaging enterprise in the Pearl River Delta region. It has successively introduced a number of corrugated board production lines made in Taiwan, mainly producing cardboard, color boxes, color cards and other environmental protection packaging paper products

in order to improve the production efficiency and expand the cardboard production capacity, the company also introduced the BHS star of excellence corrugated cardboard production line. This successful start-up means that the company's production capacity will be further expanded and its market competitiveness will be further improved by virtue of the advantages of mass automated production and high-quality corrugated cardboard

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