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Acting as a relay of integrity, Jane Eyre Paul home moved to Tangshan, Hebei to create another glory

in January 2016, there was a cold wave, but Jane Paul blew a warm storm of wealth. Just yesterday, Jane eypaul home received a strong general. Congratulations to miss luhaixia from Tangshan, Hebei Province on her successful joining Jane eypaul home, which sounded the second ring in 2016. I believe that in Tangshan, the iconic flag of Jane Eyre Paul will be set up again

perform the relay of integrity and create another glorious move

opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. A good beginning is half the success! President Lu is very familiar with the cabinet industry. As the cabinet industry is gradually saturated, President Lu re understands the development of more potential industries and understands the market prospect of the customized wardrobe industry. This news made Lu Zong's heart surge, and his keen perception of business made him realize that this industry is the new starting point of his career. I have been looking for a good wardrobe brand, but Mr. Lu, who has rich experience, believes that we should do a good wardrobe brand if we want to do it

after being firmly engaged in the wardrobe industry, Mr. Lu contacted the Investment Promotion Department of Jane Paul home according to the contact information given online. Miss Chen from the investment promotion department introduced the details of Jane eypaul's home to President Lu, and warmly invited President Lu to visit Jane eypaul's headquarters

President Lu's visit was well prepared. He not only had a detailed discussion on the joining matters with our investment manager, but also had in-depth communication with our marketing director, President Chen, and general manager of Jane aipaul home investment, President Wang. The product quality, the spirit of the service team, the hardware equipment produced, the support for dealers and so on of Jane eypaul home can be seen, and President Lu also gave high recognition and appreciation. The conversation with the two leaders made her understand Jane eypaul's future operation planning and the core concept of the enterprise. Finally, the two-day investigation and exchange came to a successful conclusion

therefore, through the comparison between the major wardrobe brands and Jane Paul home, Jane Paul home finally won the favor of President Lu with its unique project advantages and complete pre-sales and after-sales system. In the face of this business opportunity, President Lu did not hesitate to join the family of Jane Eyre Paul and embark on the 2016 fortune journey together

customize the revolution and win the future

the unity and cooperation between Jane Apollo home and President Lu this time, all work can be carried out in an orderly manner, as well as president Lu's smart market concept and super strategic vision. I believe that such a terminal image will have a strong impact on the building materials market in Tangshan, Hebei Province, and Jane Apollo will bring a new legend to the local home furnishing industry with stronger performance! Jane eypaul's wardrobe home will certainly help President Lu walk out of a broader path of wealth

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