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With the increasingly sophisticated development of the door and window profession in China, questions such as high capital consumption, lagging development of green industry, and weak understanding of manufacturers' brand innovation also confuse the further development of the domestic door and window profession. In such an environment, green and innovative development will become a new way and concept for the development of doors and windows in the future, and it contains infinite opportunities and potential

especially with the change of the shopping environment at that time, China's production has changed into China's "smart manufacturing". The personalized needs of the post-80s and post-90s spending groups will also become the mainstream. To win their love, it is more necessary to carry out personalized and diversified products. As far as shopping malls are concerned, they tend to customize home decoration as a whole in recent years, and customized production also faces various questions, such as large door size, large public service, difficult standardization of production, periodicity, low production efficiency, long delivery time and so on. In addition, some manufacturers have weak skills competition ability, produce inferior and homogeneous goods, shoddy goods, engage in a price war, disrupt shopping malls, and affect the development of occupational health

facing this series of challenges one after another, it is particularly important for door and window manufacturers to activate endogenous power, open the innovation mode, and endow goods with more intelligence. Now, for manufacturers, green is no longer a question of development, but a question of livelihood. Therefore, its importance is beyond doubt. However, the brand is based on commodities. As an innovative commodity, why don't you worry about the reputation of the brand. Unexpected inventive goods will win the favor of consumers in the fierce competition market environment, and will defeat their opponents with an overwhelming advantage, so that the brand and quality can be achieved. Why should commodities without creativity occupy a place in shopping malls

in general, Guanhao doors and windows editor believes that under the backdrop of transformation and promotion, exploring new ways to develop and innovating new concepts of goods has become one of the important tasks for door and window manufacturers to pursue sustainable development. Of course, different manufacturers will have different actions about how to innovate and how to bid farewell to green development. But the bottom line is that promoting the transformation from "production" to "intelligent manufacturing" in China is the key to winning shopping malls




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