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Nokia and Qatar Telecom launched the first 4G high-speed network service in Myanmar

Nokia achieved convergence and development within three months, completed network upgrading, and helped Qatar Telecom Myanmar to launch 4G services in major cities

the expanded existing management service agreement includes 4G network operation

the enhanced network capacity will help Qatar Telecom Myanmar meet the growing mobile traffic, Continue to provide support for Myanmar's fast-growing economy

Myanmar, Rangoon -- Nokia recently announced that it has completed the first 4G network deployment in Myanmar with ooredoo Myanmar, which has improved the network speed and capacity, and can meet the growing mobile data needs of local residents and tourists. In order to ensure the seamless operation of the network, the two sides also extended the existing management service agreement to include 4G network services

Nokia upgraded the existing 3G network of Qatar Telecom Myanmar company through its single ran and packet core platforms, and completed the initial deployment of 4G in less than three months. This rapid deployment enabled Qatar Telecom to launch its high-capacity services in Yangon, Naypyidaw, Mandalay, Pugan and other regions, and continued to promote the digital transformation of Myanmar

at present, Myanmar's economy is booming and its tourism industry is growing. Nokia has realized deformation measurement technical parameter: network deployment in Yangon, the largest and most densely populated area in Myanmar. Thus, Qatar Telecom Myanmar company can provide high-speed mobile services for users in some regions of Myanmar for the first time to meet future data traffic demand

Nokia has previously provided management services for the 3G network of Qatar Telecom Myanmar company. This support service comes from the global delivery center in Chennai, India and the support in Myanmar. By extending these services to 4G networks, Nokia will be able to provide a simplified management and reporting structure to ensure seamless service for 7million users of operators

about solutions:

Qatar Telecom Myanmar introduced 4G technology in 2100mhz band through Nokia Flexi multiradio 10 base station

core network - Nokia packet core network includes mobile manager Mobile gateway and home user server

Nokia network and system integration service for wireless access and core network operation

Nokia VI can complete the control function with a delicate body and abandon the PC's connection protection service and management service expertise

the CEO of Qatar Telecom Myanmar company has simple operation; Rene Meza, an experimental method that can meet different materials, said: we have made great progress in the development of Myanmar's communication market. Through Nokia's innovative 4G technology and management services, we can deliver the most advanced high-speed data intensive services to our customers at the fastest speed and continue to maintain our leadership. As the first operator to deploy 4G services in Myanmar, we are very proud. We plan to continue to expand the deployment of the network in the future. By developing areas with low network service level in Myanmar, we will be able to provide important network connections, promote the digital transformation of Myanmar and further promote economic growth

John farhat, chief technology and information officer of Qatar Telecom Myanmar, said: the deployment of 4G network is short and heavy, but with Nokia's strong technical strength and rapid deployment ability, we launched LTE network in just three months. We currently provide 4G services in the 2100mhz band. However, with the continuous popularization of LTE services, we will continue to increase investment and purchase 1800MHz and 2600mhz spectrum in the upcoming spectrum auction

Harald Preiss, head of Nokia in northern Asia, said: we can launch 4G services through software upgrade, which means that we can complete the deployment in the shortest time in the most cost-effective way, so that Qatar Telecom Myanmar can make use of its existing infrastructure. The upgraded network can achieve better indoor coverage, provide higher capacity and meet future needs. By expanding our advanced management services, we can ensure the transparent operation of the entire network

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Myanmar is currently the fastest growing country in Asia. It is estimated that the growth rate of [1] from 2016 to the first half of 2017 will reach 8.4%

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