The most popular Nippon Paint found 30 Li GUIs in

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Nippon Paint found 30 "Li Gui" in Chongqing

Nippon Paint found 30 "Li Gui" in Chongqing

August 11, 2005

Nippon Paint encountered more than 30 "Li Gui" in 25 districts and counties of Chongqing. On August 10, the inspection detachment of Chongqing Shapingba District Industrial and commercial bureau rushed to the technical majiayan solar energy building materials market and investigated and dealt with the general agent of "1/4 state of Nippon Steel" in Chongqing suspected of trademark infringement

nippon, which is suspected of trademark infringement, mainly imitated famous brands in store signs and graphic trademarks. After receiving the report, the inspection detachment investigated and dealt with the above-mentioned general agents

it is reported that Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. is the owner of the trademark of "Nippon" paint series. In 2003, it was recognized as a well-known trademark by Hubei Province

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