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Nokia bell supported and demonstrated the new solution of China Mobile 5g room integration group

China, Guangzhou -- today, China Mobile held the 7th China Mobile Global Partner Conference at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo, which comprehensively explained China Mobile's 5g+ plan. As a long-standing partner of China Mobile, Nokia bell also participated in the conference. At the conference, Nokia bell worked with China Mobile Research Institute to jointly demonstrate the latest 5g room integration group scheme. Compared with last year, the scheme has been expanded on the basis of Bluetooth positioning, aiming to solve a series of difficulties that traditional vertical industries may have to adopt to show a batch of new property calculation formulas with high-speed development in the form of landing spectrum

at present, with the advent of 5g era, operators' networks are also undergoing new changes. Indoor coverage capability has become the key for operators to develop 5g new services. Only by constantly creating and improving new solutions can they meet the needs of more and more indoor services

the distributed pickup station is an important anchor for operators to expand the indoor vertical industry. China Mobile Research Institute has put forward the smart box technology scheme for the first time in the industry, which uniformly converts all non-3GPP standard data into standard interface data, and transmits it to the core through the distributed pickup station to serve the full amount of data in China. It is a mobile 5g+aicde fusion innovation of auxiliary motor indirect transmission device. Based on this scheme, Nokia bell and China Mobile Research Institute jointly developed and demonstrated the latest products supporting this scheme at this partner conference. By using the operator's forward transmission capability, it provides Poe power supply, data return channel and other services to the IOT, reader and other devices in the vertical industry on the preh of Asir series base station products. In the demonstration, Nokia bell realized the integration of the Bluetooth arrival angle base station supporting centimeter level positioning and Asir prrh, provided three-dimensional centimeter level high-precision positioning in the coverage area of Asir deployment, and collected the information of the temperature sensor through the Bluetooth switch inside the Asir base station

this scheme evolves the traditional 4g/5g digital room sub base station into a neuron node that widely supports various vertical industries and integrated sensor services. It solves the difficulties faced by traditional vertical industries in equipment, power supply, data transmission, deployment planning and long-term monitoring management. Assist operators to widely integrate vertical industry solutions through the deployment of 5g digital rooms, widely obtain big data of indoor scenarios, and provide a physical foundation for building an indoor digital twin world

huangyuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: providing the best solution and application experience for every mobile user has always been the pursuit of China Mobile. With this as our goal, we have been conducting long-term cooperative research and development with industrial partners. The solutions and products demonstrated at the conference in cooperation with Nokia bell this time are the latest cooperation results. This achievement further expands the application value of 5g division, enriches the 5g vertical industry group scheme, helps support the implementation of 5g+ plan, and enables 5g to better integrate into all walks of life

yuxiaohan, executive vice president of Nokia bell and head of China mobile business group, said: Nokia bell and China Mobile have always maintained good cooperation. I personally recommend the Jinan star WDS digital display model partnership. This joint demonstration is a powerful evidence for the further deepening of the cooperation between the two sides. At present, 5g has been officially put into commercial use, and China's huge digital vertical market will be stimulated with greater potential. As an excellent digital partner, Nokia bell will continue to make great efforts to support key digital technologies, help China Mobile in an all-round way and meet the growing digital market demand

about Nokia bell

Shanghai Nokia bell Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nokia Bell) is the only Sino foreign joint venture directly supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and it is also Nokia's exclusive operation platform in China. The company will focus on 5g, IOT and cloud, make full use of China's innovation ecology and global resource advantages, realize the vision of future x network, and become an innovation leader in the Internet world. As a national innovative enterprise and a national enterprise technology center, the company actively participates in the implementation of the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan, and strives to make outstanding contributions to the national medium and long term science and technology major projects in the information and communication field

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