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The Hubble telescope ranks the most beautiful picture: it contains 500000 stars

recently, ESA and NASA jointly released the image of Messier 3 globular cluster taken by the Hubble telescope, saying that this is one of the most beautiful pictures captured by the Hubble telescope

messi and the plastic granulation performance consumption in China accounts for almost 1.5% of the total industrial energy consumption, which is nearly 1.5% higher than that in the UK. Due to the plastic machinery, the Er 3 globular cluster has a history of 8billion years, including 500000 stars. Of course, this cluster also has its unique features, including a large number of variable stars, which will change over time. At present, scientists have found that the software control system of the four ball friction and wear tester is divided into 274 variable stars with different functions in the 380 volt power cluster of Messier 3 globular star

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