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Hubei Huangshi housekeeping service center went online at the end of this month

at the end of this month, Huangshi citizens will call 96580 (let me help you) or log in to place an order to select the service items. The staff of the housekeeping service center will help you provide housekeeping information services such as hiring a nanny, renting a house, moving, etc. free of charge within 1 hour

it is difficult to find a satisfactory domestic worker

"originally, it was said that the sewage dredging charge was 30 yuan, but the dredging workers arrived at the scene and said that the toilet dredging charge 40 yuan." Yesterday, Mr. Li, a citizen, felt angry when he thought of the starting price of dredging workers

in fact, there are not a few citizens like Mr. Li. It shows that some staff members of the moving company steal things from their owners; Some housekeeping companies exaggerate the publicity that "if you are not satisfied with the nanny, you can change it many times", "if you introduce the nanny unqualified, you can apply for the refund of the deposit" and so on

however, all this is expected to be improved after the launch of the Home Economics Network Service Center. Chenjingmin, director of Huangshi electronic and electrical appliance industry management office, said that according to incomplete statistics, Huangshi currently has hundreds of housekeeping service points in 12 categories, including home appliance maintenance, nanny, moving, leasing, cleaning, etc., but there is no unified information management application platform, and many housekeeping companies have no standardized contract text, and the service content and standards are not standardized, resulting in frequent disputes between citizens and housekeeping companies, It is difficult to resolve consumption disputes through legal channels. The information asymmetry between the demand and supply of the housekeeping market, enterprises often do not know who needs what kind of housekeeping services, and the overall management of the housekeeping industry is relatively backward, which greatly restricts the development of the housekeeping industry in Huangshi City

financial subsidies to build domestic network service centers

according to the requirements of the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Department of finance, domestic network service centers are equipped in Wuhan, Yichang, Xiangfan, Ezhou and Huangshi in Hubei Province. With the recommendation of Huangshi Municipal Bureau of Commerce and finance, the Huangshi domestic service center was approved by the Provincial Communications Administration on July 27 and applied for financial subsidies. It will integrate, guide and standardize the domestic service market in Wuhan through information management

Chen Jingmin said that at present, he is negotiating with Huangshi's communication operators to open 96580 housekeeping services. At the same time, the center also created a station. Citizens can also get relevant housekeeping services after clicking on the site to register relevant information. In addition, the equipment is a manufacturing enterprise, and the center is also negotiating with Huangshi communication operators on the opening of the SMS platform. Citizens can send demand information to the center through Shanghe SMS

it is reported that Huangshi Home Economics Network Service Center will be put into operation at the end of August. All domestic enterprises with business licenses in Huangshi City can voluntarily join the domestic service center free of charge (consultation:), without charging information fees and other fees

provide 12 categories of housekeeping information services

the housekeeping network service center will provide 12 categories of housekeeping information services such as nanny, cleaning, maintenance, moving, leasing, and more than hundreds of small items of housekeeping information services. Convenient information such as housing agents and water and electricity maintenance will also be added to the platform one by one to create a one-stop Family Service Center for citizens

Chen Jingmin said that Hubei Province will build a domestic network service center in each prefecture level city within three years, and Huangshi will be the fifth domestic network service center in Hubei Province after Wuhan, Yichang, Xiangfan and Ezhou. Huangshi will adjust the procedures of the housekeeping network service platform in combination with the local actual situation, and plans to set up 20-30 staff in the call center. After citizens call to register, this service can enable us to provide electronic product OEM manufacturers with higher finished product safety. The service center will accurately match the nearest and best service provider to provide door-to-door service according to the needs of citizens, book services for users and track the whole service process, Enable users to get satisfactory housekeeping services

the Home Economics Network Service Center will pay a return visit to supervise the better matching between the service description instrument and the industry provided by the enterprise, evaluate the service quality of the home economics enterprise, and rank it. The top domestic enterprises will have the opportunity to get more recommendations. At the end of each new year through technological innovation, model innovation and financial services, a maximum reward of 200000 yuan will be given. For enterprises with unqualified service quality and poor comments for many times, they will enter the blacklist of the network service center and be withdrawn from the network center. For enterprises with particularly bad nature such as arbitrary charges, the home service center will request the Department of industry and commerce to revoke their business license

it is understood that the service center will invite relevant experts to complete the standardized training on professional ethics, business skills guidance, operation specifications, charging standards and other aspects of the service personnel of domestic enterprises before the end of the year. After the training, the qualified domestic workers will take up their posts with certificates, and unify the text of the domestic service contract and the clothes of the employees, so as to ensure the quality of the services received by the citizens. After the launch of the housekeeping network service center, the psoriasis in housekeeping advertisements will be greatly reduced. Dongchu Evening News

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