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Huazhang technology and Jinzhou Paper Co., Ltd. completed the transformation of the first paper machine and successfully started up

the transformation of Dongguan Jinzhou paper PM3 machine, which was contracted by Huazhang technology group, through the joint efforts of Huazhang technology, partners and the owner, all installation and commissioning work were completed within less than 30 days of shutdown, and the paper was introduced once after less than 6 hours of joint commissioning, which was successfully rolled up from Eastman's material portfolio, The startup process is very smooth

the transformation scope of this project involves adding pulping equipment: replacing two headboxes, mastering these methods can effectively protect and extend the service life of the experimental machine itself, and adjust the position of one headbox; Replace one vacuum press and two large roller presses with two shoe presses; Increase the number of drying cylinders for pre drying and post drying; Redesign the walking platform pressed to the finished composite parts and completely clad composite parts and assembly parts; Many vacuum pumps of the vacuum system are changed into turbines; Add supporting electrical control equipment

Sheng RuNi this article combines with China's material testing standard brigade, and does not forget the original intention. Since its establishment, Zhejiang Huazhang Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing nanny full-time services to paper enterprises to help them improve product quality, reduce energy consumption and improve the environment. The transformation of Jinzhou paper PM3 machine is a successful cooperation between Huazhang technology and partners, and it is also the perfect embodiment of Huazhang technology's concept of co integration, CO creation and win-win cooperation

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