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Hubei Chutian cloud openstack practice sharing in the field of government cloud

as a factual standard of open source cloud computing, more than 600 enterprises in more than 180 countries and regions have participated in the construction of openstack community. Today, openstack is more sought after by users from all walks of life in China. Leading enterprises in telecommunications, finance, government, energy, transportation, manufacturing, medical treatment, education and other industries have adopted openstack open source cloud platform

recently, under the guidance of the cloud computing open source industry alliance (Oscar), IT168, together with cloud headlines and the cloud technology community, launched the search for the top ten users of openstack in China in 2016 and the results of the China openstack excellent case recommendation activity were announced. After expert selection and public voting, Hubei chutianyun and the technical support party Fiberhome communications were selected with high votes

since 2010, Fiberhome has begun to lay out cloud computing technology, and takes openstack as the core supporting technology of Fiberhome cloud platform. At the end of 2015, Fiberhome communication officially released the fitcloud cloud integration strategy, integrating the key technologies involved in ict2.0, such as data center, cloud computing, big data, communication network, and other more advanced technologies, effectively promoting the reform of the information technology industry. As the first openstack provincial government based on fitcloud in China, the intensity decline rate is also about 12 after one month. Chu Tianyun has provided valuable experience and promotion value for the application of openstack in the field of government affairs

case overview

Chu Tianyun is the leading and core project of the construction of smart Hubei, and it is also a comprehensive system project covering the trinity of information infrastructure, application and big data industry. Chutianyun builds a unified cloud infrastructure integrated service platform across the province to provide cloud servers, cloud storage, cloud databases, cloud load balancing, cloud security and other basic cloud services for provincial departments, municipal and state governments and enterprise users; Build a data exchange hub platform covering the provincial, municipal and county levels, integrate the provincial government cloud, industry cloud, regional cloud and big data resources, build a massive, dynamic and authoritative Hubei big data warehouse, support various applications in smart Hubei, promote the construction of smart Hubei towards the stage of big data development, and provide strong support for promoting government transformation, driving the development of information industry and driving entrepreneurship and innovation

truking cloud mainly faces the following challenges in technology and practical application:

Security and reliability: as a provincial government cloud platform, truking cloud will carry thousands of business systems from more than 120 provincial departments and connect to regional clouds in all cities and prefectures of the province. We must ensure the security and reliability of various government application systems

rapid delivery capability: according to the business needs of various government departments, Chu Tianyun needs to provide rapid delivery capability of government business in various scenarios

smooth migration ability: truking cloud needs to ensure seamless connection with the reality of all provincial departments during the construction process, and ensure that the business can be smoothly migrated to truking cloud platform without affecting the existing network structure of the unit

elastic expansion capability: with the gradual migration of applications and data from various units to truking cloud, the cloud platform needs to provide horizontal elastic expansion capability to meet the increasing resource demand

compatibility and openness: the technology of truking cloud platform should be moderately advanced, with compatibility and openness, to meet the needs of the original government business migration and new business access

reduce TCO: after the businesses of all departments directly under the provincial government are centralized to Chu Tianyun for unified management, the business volume is large, the system is complex, and a perfect operation and maintenance system is needed to reduce TCO

truking cloud top-level design 1 + 2 + 3

a warehouse: big data warehouse

two platforms: cloud infrastructure integrated service platform and data exchange hub platform

three systems: data exchange and sharing system, information security assurance system and service operation and maintenance system

among them, Fiberhome fitcloud cloud platform, as the core basic platform carrying all kinds of businesses of truking cloud, adopts openstack open architecture to provide truking cloud with more open, reliable, flexible and secure basic support capabilities

truking cloud platform technology architecture

truking cloud technology architecture is mainly composed of six parts: physical layer, resource control layer, cloud service layer, cloud security protection platform, operation monitoring and maintenance management platform and cloud service management platform

according to the actual needs of truking cloud, the openstack platform, which has been deeply optimized and customized by Fiberhome communications, has built a set of cloud architecture around openst. These building blocks must be combined with billions of Lego building blocks currently in use around the world, providing stable and reliable basic cloud resource management capabilities, Autonomous and controllable cloud security capabilities, flexible and visual cloud monitoring capabilities Intelligent and efficient cloud service delivery capabilities and compatible and open cloud development capabilities

in terms of IT infrastructure management, through the Fiberhome fitcloud cloud platform, the interface with various hardware devices is opened, and the servers, storage, networks and other devices of various heterogeneous manufacturers are included in the unified resource management and scheduling, effectively helping customers realize hardware decoupling, and at the same time, it has a complete domestic independent and controllable ability

through the integration of different virtualization platforms, it can provide various types of virtualization architectures based on VMware, KVM, Xen, etc., to meet the needs of different units and applications

Fiberhome fitcloud cloud platform can provide various storage architectures of IP-SAN, FC-SAN and distributed storage at the same time. In the SAN storage architecture, it realizes docking management with many front-line manufacturers in the industry. In the distributed storage architecture, it builds a storage architecture based on CEPH, realizes unified management and resource scheduling of different types of storage architectures, and meets the needs of different types of data storage

at the network level, the cloud platform provides intelligent and flexible SDN network control capabilities, and the vxlan based road architecture provides the foundation for multi tenant groups. The sdn+vrf function is innovatively adopted, which solves the obstacle of overlapping IP addresses of different departments and offices, and realizes the smooth connection of networks

the cloud platform facilitates the security isolation and independent security management of different tenants by integrating various nfv devices such as VFW, VLB, vwaf, etc

based on the intelligent automatic orchestration function, Fiberhome fitcloud cloud platform provides tenants with fully automated service application and distribution capabilities. At the same time, cloud resources can perceive business and realize intelligent elastic scaling

the cloud platform provides various types of API interfaces, which integrate the user's needs into various technical requirements of cloud management, such as third-party monitoring, PAAS platform, big data platform, etc., and provide customers with open customization capabilities

by adopting openstack cloud management platform, it brings the following value to users.

a more open architecture: it realizes the complete decoupling of software and hardware, and effectively avoids the lock-in of manufacturers. The whole cloud resource architecture can adopt multi vendor, multi architecture technical solutions and products, which can effectively realize independent security and controllability while significantly saving costs, and provide a guarantee for the sustainable development of truking cloud platform in the future

more secure architecture: the architecture of Fiberhome fitcloud cloud platform is fully built with reference to the three-level standards of e-government and hierarchical protection, and the isolation of different networks is achieved through the division of different regions. The tenant isolation based on VPC meets the independent resource needs of different departments and bureaus, and meets the high standard security requirements of the government network

more reliable architecture: through the software and hardware ha, distributed architecture, integrated disaster recovery and other features of the cloud platform, it can support government business with high sensitivity and stability requirements at the same time

more flexible architecture: Fiberhome fitcloud cloud platform realizes the network of provincial departments without changing the original network architecture under the condition of IP overlap, and realizes a variety of network access modes, meeting the needs of rapid and flexible migration of businesses of various units with the rapid development of electro-hydraulic servo technology, electro-hydraulic proportional technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and modern control technology

more efficient architecture: the cloud platform uses openstack+sdx (SDN, SDS) to build an agile Cloud Architecture, combined with flexible automated orchestration, to achieve minute level cloud resource construction and distribution capabilities, which greatly improves the construction efficiency of government cloud business

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