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Hubei 10086 four level response mode ensures that communication services are "not closed" during the epidemic period

on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, the COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The development and prevention and control of the epidemic affect the hearts of the people all over the country. Hubei 10086 under the leadership of superior departments, Rapid integration (unit: the resources of the Provincial Department of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of science and technology, adjusted the mode, and formed a four-level response mode of artificial emergency + home seats + remote scheduling + intelligent services at the first time. While effectively ensuring the health and safety of employees, it maximized the protection of Hubei Mobile's basic communication services from dropping and continuous lines. During the epidemic period, Hubei 10086's satisfaction with manual hang-up has always remained above 99%. First, the traffic scene is minimized Concentrate to ensure the rapid handling of emergency events. Under the overall deployment of Hubei Mobile, Hubei 10086 arranged shifts in a minimized and centralized manner at the first moment of the outbreak. In the form of a combination of 1 company leader + 1 Department Manager + 1 backbone employee, it guaranteed about 10 people at the workplace in Wuhan and about 50 people at the workplace in Xiangyang in the epidemic area every day, forming an on-site emergency team, which not only met the temporary needs of production, but also put it into the second block in the same way The overall scheduling of the third test piece ensures that once an emergency occurs, it can be handled in a timely and effective manner

second, give play to the advantages of cloud customer service and quickly start the connection of home seats. After the outbreak, in the face of a series of control measures such as city closure and traffic restriction, Hubei 10086, with the support of China Mobile's more reliable operation headquarters, quickly used all cloud desktop resources to start the construction of home seats, opened nearly 600 home seat accounts within two days, and dispersed operations through home seats to ensure the seamless connection of services under the condition of ensuring safety

third, unified scheduling of the whole traffic support pool to enhance service guarantee. At the beginning of the epidemic, according to the actual incoming calls, Hubei 10086 proposed a supplementary connection demand to the headquarters of China Mobile. The headquarters coordinated the whole 10086 resources, made use of the advantages of integrated operation, uniformly dispatched the traffic resource pool, and allocated a total of 21 provinces and 1707 people to provide direct traffic services for Hubei, helping Hubei 10086 survive the most difficult period

the fourth factor affecting the yield is to establish a special research team to strengthen intelligent warfare. In the face of the rapid migration of customer behavior from offline to online during the epidemic, Hubei 10086 accelerated the construction of cloud and Internet, focused on service hotspots, strengthened the ability of 10086ivr, intelligent voice navigation, 10086 contact SMS, 10086 official account, H5 page and other basic services, actively carried out the reminder of telephone charges and traffic threshold, and quickly launched the video broadband troubleshooting service, ensuring the stability of customer service satisfaction of Hubei Mobile during the epidemic

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