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On May 12, Schneider Electric officially authorized Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. to be the certification system integrator of Schneider Electric's global partnership system (hereinafter referred to as alliance SI system), Herve Lemaire, global vice president of Schneider Electric and head of PA's global partners, They had an in-depth understanding of the China industry of Schneider Electric. Zheng Xueming, the national sales director of paps of the Ministry of chemistry and environment, Wang Xiaobing, President of huazi technology, Yuan Jiangfeng, deputy general manager, Tang Kai and other senior representatives of both sides attended the awarding ceremony

huazi technology starts a new journey of cooperation with Schneider Electric

herve Lemaire (left) awarded alliance SI system plaque to Wang Xiaobing, President of Huazi Technology (right)

at the awarding ceremony, Wang Xiaobing, President of the company, briefed Herve Lemaire and his party on the company's development history and related business, At the same time, it is believed that the cooperation between the two sides in key projects such as Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway, Hunan Zhongyan and Changsha maglev project in recent years will help the two sides combine to become a closer strategic partner

herve Lemaire said that he was deeply impressed by huazi technology's people-oriented concept, close contact with partners and international strategic model. He hopes that with the help of this cooperation, the technology, market development and company dreams of both sides will be connected together to grow together and create a win-win situation

the launch of Schneider Global Alliance SI system is intended to form a stable strategic partnership with excellent global enterprises and jointly explore the market in the field of automation. It is reported that there are only two plastic granulators in China, including huazi technology, which also cause serious environmental pollution, and the enterprises have been authorized by the system, which is the highest level of the system in China at present. This authorization marks that the cooperation between huazi technology and Schneider Electric has entered a new stage

finally, the two sides also reached a series of consensus on project docking, market promotion, technical training, supply cooperation and other aspects. Both sides said that the future cooperation will rise from the previous product level to the system solver ldquo; 1 recruit fresh food and eat it all over the sky rdquo; At the case level, it is expected that the cooperation between the two sides can create value in more fields and become a booster in the market, technology, brand and other aspects

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