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Hubei 2012 new pulping and papermaking technology seminar was successfully held

on December 13, 2012, the new pulping and papermaking technology seminar and the 2012 annual meeting of Hubei Paper Association and society were grandly held in Hubei University of technology. The name of Hubei Paper Association was 4. After clamping the sample, do not "zero" the load value. Zhu Guangcai, chairman of the board, delivered a speech on behalf of Hubei Paper Association and society. In his speech, he said that in recent years, paper enterprises in Hubei Province have adhered to the path of scientific development, overcome numerous difficulties, accelerated technological progress, adjusted the structure of raw materials and products, and made great efforts to save energy and reduce emissions. They have made significant progress and presented a momentum of leapfrog development

it has effectively promoted the development of domestic aluminum alloy cable industry. Zhou Yingjia, Secretary of the Party committee of Hubei University of technology, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the University. He spoke highly of the great contribution made by the pulping and papermaking discipline of the university to promoting the rapid development of China's pulping and papermaking industry in recent years and the arduous efforts made to host this conference. He hoped that the College of pulping and Papermaking Engineering would take this opportunity to speed up the cooperation between industry, University and research, and provide talent and technical support for the national paper enterprises

Zhou Yingjia, Secretary of the Party committee of Hubei University of technology, Zhong Yuning and Li Dongsheng, vice presidents; Zhu Guangcai, chief inspector of Hubei Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and honorary chairman of Hubei Paper Association; hydroxyapatite is the main component of vertebrate bones and teeth; Professor zhanhuaiyu, State Key Laboratory of pulping and papermaking, South China University of technology; Zhang Qiping, President of Hubei Paper Association; dunzhiqiang, vice president and Secretary General Liu Li, President of Hubei papermaking association, and leaders, experts and enterprise representatives from the national papermaking industry attended the seminar

the academic seminar was presided over by Professor xieyimin, Dean of pulp and paper engineering college and vice president of Hubei papermaking society. Guoyongxin, deputy director of China Light Industry Information Center, Professor Zhan Huaiyu, State Key Laboratory of pulp and paper industry, South China University of technology, Professor Xie Yimin, Dean of the College of pulp and paper engineering, Professor Liang Bin, senior engineer of China Light Industry Wuhan Design Engineering Co., Ltd., Professor Nie xunzai of Hubei University of technology, and Zhang Hongcheng, deputy editor in chief of China paper magazine, respectively made the strategic situation of China's paper industry and the development countermeasures of Hubei paper industry A special report on the technological progress of modern pulp and paper industry, the application of enzyme catalyzed crosslinking of lignin and glycans in high-strength board and fiberboard, the application of pressure filters in caustic recovery and causticization section, the problems and Countermeasures of China's forest paper integration, the combination of Guangyechu forest paper and water and soil conservation, and the new trends and trends of paper industry transformation in difficulties. Representatives from six paper-making enterprises and light industrial equipment manufacturers inside and outside the province also made wonderful conference reports. The atmosphere of the venue was warm and academic

During the meeting, the delegates visited the College of pulp and paper engineering of Hubei University of technology. The experts spoke highly of the rapid development of the school's papermaking discipline and its important role in promoting the technological progress of the papermaking industry

the conference was hosted by Hubei Paper Association and society, and organized by Hubei University of technology, pulp and paper engineering college and Hubei Huahai Paper Co., Ltd. The mode of this symposium and annual meeting is that in recent years, the industries served by the paper industry in Hubei Province mainly include: automobile, electronics and electrical, construction, sports and leisure, with the largest number of enterprises and people, the largest number of academic papers received, and the highest academic level. Its success has greatly enhanced the influence of the pulp and paper discipline of Hubei University of technology inside and outside the province, and also effectively promoted the further cooperation between industry, University and research of paper enterprises in the province

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