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Hubei strives to build a smart energy service demonstration project and build an integrated charging facility of optical storage and charging for the airport. Polaris energy storage news: it was learned on March 18 that Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. has preliminarily determined 20 demonstration projects and 11 research and innovation topics to iteratively promote the construction and application of ubiquitous power IOT around the first stage goal of ubiquitous power IOT construction

in terms of internal business, Hubei electric power will explore the construction and demonstration application of platforms such as equipment lean operation inspection, power supply service command platform, modern (SMART) supply chain, integrated digital management platform for the whole process of infrastructure construction, new generation power trading platform, and operation data service, so as to realize one source of data, one map of electricity, and one line of business as soon as possible. For electric intelligent dispatching, the company will explore the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence in the intelligent management of electric equipment, and carry out the construction of an artificial intelligence management and control system integrating monitoring, remote operation and maintenance, intelligent diagnosis, and intelligent management and control. Its specific composition will change within a certain range to realize the intelligent management and control of high-risk factors in the operation of secondary equipment For example, steel strand can carry out complex data analysis, panoramic monitoring of real-time operation state and accurate evaluation of comprehensive operation state

in terms of foreign business, Hubei electric power will strive to build a demonstration project of smart energy services, provide replicable and promotable experience for the promotion of Yangtze River shore power and comprehensive energy services, and organize the staff diversion of Longmei group. In the field of integrated energy services, the company will meet the cold and hot supply needs of terminals, office buildings and other buildings within the scope of Ezhou Civil Airport (Shunfeng Airport) project, and cooperate to build a multi energy complementary intelligent green energy center integrating ground source heat pumps, centrifugal chillers, water energy storage devices, and gas-fired boilers; To meet the charging needs of electric vehicles on the airside and landside of the airport, cooperate in the construction of integrated optical storage and charging charging charging facilities; Combined with the power and energy management needs of the airport, provide extended services such as temporary power leasing, power equipment maintenance, load forecasting, etc

in terms of basic support, Hubei electric power will carry out 11 innovative research projects to explore the construction and demonstration application of national cloud and the company's full-service data center, the construction and demonstration project of Beidou space-time benchmark service platform of electric power, the construction and demonstration project of electric cloud video, and other research

original title: Hubei determines 20 demonstration projects and 11 research and innovation topics

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