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Huaying technology entered the field of cover glass monopolized by international manufacturers

after acquiring Huaying optoelectronics and improving the midstream layout of the touch industry, Huaying technology [21.13 3.53% capital research report] went to the next city to enter the field of cover glass monopolized by international manufacturers. According to a relevant person of China Securities News Online company, the company has gradually formed its "touch through-train" strategy by establishing a touch materials company, investing in touch IC enterprises, and controlling Huaying optoelectronics. In the future, the company will form a pattern of "two horses driven by modules and touch"

enter the field of cover glass

following the acquisition of the midstream of the touch industry of Huaying optoelectronics, Huaying technology once again announced its entry into the upstream of the touch industry. Huaying indirect measurement method can only confirm the total value of wear on each friction surface. According to the scientific and technological announcement, the progress of the touch component material project of Kelisi company is in line with the slowdown expectation that should be calmly analyzed. The main body of the project plant is completed. At present, the relevant equipment is gradually installed in the plant. One of the main equipment, the kiln, has been ignited and debugged, which has become an important sign of significant progress in the project. The equipment in the later section of the project will also be installed and debugged gradually

according to the announcement, kelistv is a high-tech material company, which will mainly produce cover glass for touch screen in the future. The implementation of the company's project will further improve the company's touch supply chain, enhance the company's product supporting capacity, and enhance the company's core competitiveness

it is understood that the cover glass industry is in the upstream position in the touch screen industry chain. The upper reaches of the touch screen industry chain are suppliers of various raw materials such as glass and control IC, the middle reaches are manufacturers of touch panel manufacturing and touch screen assembly, and the lower reaches are machine manufacturers. The gross profit margin of the industrial chain presents a "smile curve", that is, the upstream and downstream gross profits are high, but both ends are controlled by international major manufacturers. Such a monopoly is a major project implemented by the province and the city, especially in the glass cover plate industry at the upstream end. Four large international factories have almost completely carved up the global market, and there is no competitive same product in China. Huaying technology is the first domestic manufacturer to officially enter this field

the company also reminds that the competition in the touch market will be more intense in the future. As the company's key construction project in the future, Kelisi's touch component material project faces risks such as whether the project is put into production on schedule, whether the project is put into production as soon as possible to meet the expected technical requirements, product price changes, etc. the company's management team will spare no effort and actively promote the project to work towards the expected goals

the one-stop strategy of touch is gradually taking shape.

Chen Wei, Secretary of Huaying technology, said in an interview with China Securities Journal that with the increasing demand for visual and operational convenience and the maturing of touch display technology, the application level of touch panel will be more and more extensive. The company has already begun to plan the layout of touch business. In the middle of 2011, Huaying technology began to invest in the establishment of kelistv, which produces cover glass, and at the same time sought to acquire Huaying optoelectronics, whose main business is the production of small and medium-sized LCD modules and the processing of touch materials such as cover glass. In addition, the company invested no more than US $3million in Duntai technology in November 2012, and the company is one of the few IC design manufacturers in the touch industry that can supply embedded touch (TIC)


"touch one-stop is the company's strategy, while kelistv is the finishing touch", Chen Wei said. The cover glass mainly produced by kelistv project is a key link in the touch industry chain. Its implementation will further improve the company's touch supply chain, enhance the company's product supporting capacity, and enhance the company's core competitiveness. Chen Wei said that by establishing a touch material company, investing in touch IC enterprises, and holding Huaying optoelectronics, the company's "touch one-stop" has gradually taken shape. In the future, while stabilizing the company's LCM module operation, it will spare no effort to expand the touch business, forming a "two horse drive" pattern of modules and touch. Zhonghua glass () Department

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