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Application of stainless steel wire in banner printing

banner is a common way of advertising and public welfare publicity. A large number of customers are willing to display their information cheaply, simply and vividly in the form of banners. Through printing banners, printers can start from obtaining a small economic income to the prosperity of the advertising industry

There are many methods for banner printing, such as manual, heat transfer and discharge. No matter how the craft is, the banner world can add luster to the advertising industry. Because of this, everyone does it, and the competition makes the banner price almost unbearable. At this time, it needs to be excavated. Printing with cover printing paste on dark cloth has been bothering many printers, which is also the subject to be solved in this paper

dark fabrics are the most difficult to print. The cover printing slurry is thin and cannot cover the bottom. It is thick and blocked or dry. The whole printing process is troubled by the thick and thick slurry. Especially in summer, high temperature and fast drying. Using 80 mesh nylon silk, you have to scrub the version before printing two words. If you move slowly, you can't erase it until it is invalid, which not only wastes people and money, but also the quality is not satisfactory. If you print a word and wash it once, it's something that the operator can't lose, and the construction period is not allowed

in the process of solving this problem, I found that the diameter of silk below 80 mesh is generally thickened, which increases the thickness of; The same monofilament plain weave is easy to pull and break; Non monofilament plain, the size can't penetrate the version; If you add additives to the thick paste, the cost of the paste will go up again, and if it is not added properly, the whole printing paste will be scrapped. Through continuous tests, it is found that stainless steel wire is iron nickel alloy, which has good inking quality, and we are vigorously developing flame retardant technology for electrical applications. It has the characteristics of solid silk, small expansion, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature, non oxidation, conductivity and so on. As long as the wire mesh is selected appropriately, the problem can be solved

when selected, the sum of the thickness of and the thickness of the word film is the thickness of the printing paste, and the wire diameter and knitting method are also parameters that need to be paid attention to. Low mesh stainless steel wire with thin wire diameter suitable for printing is really difficult to buy. Industrial filter is the most popular from 70 mesh to 30 mesh, and only 20 mesh window screen (to block tomb insects) stainless steel wire is the thinnest single wire plain weave, with the price of less than 10 yuan/m2. After testing, using this kind of, in addition to wiping the surface wet before and after the banner printing, after the entire banner printing, covestro will further develop, produce and efficiently manage the corresponding projects without wiping. For example, the former does not require users' attention. For example, printing a banner with more than 10 words long and 10m white characters on a red background can be completed by one person in 20 minutes after the content is engraved, and it can ensure that the handwriting is clear and the ink color is uniform. If many people are combined, the speed can be improved. With this kind of stainless steel, even if it is printed by inexperienced operators, the quality of each banner is still good, and the qualified rate is 100%

however, the rarity of 20 mesh silk is also a link that needs to be paid attention to. In order to prevent the wire from falling off, the following measures should be taken:

1. Since the steel can bear greater tension, the steel can be tightened a little, and it is best to paste and nail in; 2. When printing, fill the slurry with a small scraper and scrape gently, and then level the slurry with a large scraper. The glass plate or backing plate under the banner shall be flat with a distance of 0; 3. Try to ensure continuous operation during printing, and do not interval too long. The above points are not without blocking phenomenon. A small number of partially lightly blocked "cross" Yin lines are sometimes seen around the font. The reason is that the paper film of banner printing itself is not an integral part of the version, and the parts of the word are constantly changed. When printing the next word, the strokes of the remaining paste at the previous printing part do not coincide, that is, it cannot be printed, and it will dry up due to a long interval. Blocking phenomenon will occur when the previous face needs to be printed again. Where the font overlap frequency in the center of the version is high, there will be no dryness or blocking, and the probability of blocking around is much greater; The central part of the nylon version that often prints banners is transparent; For the stainless steel version, the probability of blocking is small and cleaning is easy. These are its two major advantages, and it is easy to regenerate and durable

the author stopped printing after a printing and was able to print curves and data reports. Water should have been sprinkled on the steel to keep it moist, and then washed when water came, but there was no water. When the dried version comes in water, it has no effect with blistering, pickling, alkali coating, stripping with film remover, and wiping with solvent. It is stubborn and abnormal. In desperation, I burned my son. When I burned it, I found that the blocked residue was carbonized into ashes in the high temperature. After rinsing the burned steel plate with clean water, it was used for banner printing. It was as strong as silk wind and seemed to be smoother after sizing

in the past two years, printing on banners with stainless steel has saved me a lot of time, manpower and materials. A steel plate has been burned and used, which is durable and beyond expectation. I hope my colleagues will not worry about the blockage of the mask printing paste

source: Chinese silk screen printing major

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