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Kaihui Fund led the investment in the c-round financing of intelligent lighting enterprise yeelight

China news, Shanghai, November 15 (Xu Mingrui) recently, Kaihui fund completed the c-round investment in intelligent lighting enterprise yeelight, and blueprints capital, Shunwei fund and GIC fund followed, helping yeelight accelerate its development in the field of intelligent lighting, including the expansion of its overseas business and offline business. Yunmu capital acted as the financial adviser of this round of financing

ye it is understood that elite, founded in 2012, is a high-tech innovation brand from the sosventures incubator in the United States, and joined the Xiaomi ecological chain in 2014. As a high-tech brand integrating design, R & D, production and sales, yelight has extensive cooperation with internationally renowned high-tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu, etc. In the past few years, yeelight has maintained a high speed for the development of different types of wire harnesses, with a cumulative global shipment of more than 8million pieces, users covering more than 100 countries and regions, and has become a leading smart lighting brand in the world

yeelight has a complete intelligent lighting product line, including home lighting, desk lighting, atmosphere lighting and intelligent control system. Yeelight integrates cutting-edge technology and industrial design, and widely applies AI, ble mesh and other technologies to its product line. Yeelight products all support WiFi connection and intelligent voice control, so that the light changes between words

at the same time, yellow products have won international design awards for many times, and its intelligent LED ceiling lamp has won the German if industrial design award and the German Red Dot industrial design award; As the first intelligent ceiling lamp equipped with a quick installation module in China, it became the champion of the sales volume of all intelligent ceiling lamps in the double 11 in 2017. The Mijia led smart table lamp jointly built by yeelight and Xiaomi won the good design Japanese excellent design award, the if Industrial Design Gold Award in Germany, the red dot Industrial Design Award in Germany and the idea American Industrial Design Excellence Award, and won the sales champion of tmall smart home category in 2017. As the most popular and best-selling night light in the world, Micah/yeelight night light is equipped with body and light sense drivers, and has shipped more than 2million pieces in total

recently, Kaihui fund invited a number of Kaihui ecosystem enterprises in the consumer electronics industry, including yeelight, to Europe to have face-to-face communication with local mainstream electronic product distributors, distributors and e-commerce group management, so as to promote Kaihui ecosystem enterprises' understanding of the European consumer electronics market and lay a solid foundation for exploring the European market in the future

yeelight founder and CEO Jiang Zhaoning said, "In the trillion market of smart home, smart lighting is an important part of smart home, and it is also the most high-frequency application in smart home. The addition of Kaihui fund will help yelight further give play to its head advantage in the smart lighting market, accelerate the layout and breakthrough in overseas markets and offline markets, and let more users enjoy the convenience and fun brought by yelight smart light."

caimingpo, founder and chairman of Kaihui fund, said: "With the popularity of intelligent mobile and central control devices, the field of smart home has ushered in explosive development. Intelligent lighting is the largest category among them, and there is enough market space to incubate successful start-ups. Yeelight has formed its own unique advantages and market cognition from the aspects of R & D, product product, that is, the size of thermal conductivity, sequential arrangement, class richness and cost performance. It has gradually become a well-known brand in the industry and won the recognition of consumers Yes. Lighting is the most perceptible and commonly used category in smart home. It is believed that yellow will have a wide range of capabilities to meet the networking requirements of the geological Supervision Bureau. 2 More data can be detected, and there is a broad growth prospect and development imagination space. " (end)

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