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Kaiaobaoli W6 logistics special vehicle has received a warm response and is highly sought after

kaiaobaoli W6 logistics special vehicle has received a warm response and is highly sought after

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kaiaobaoli logistics special vehicle W6, located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, has attracted the attention of the industry since it was launched on May 1 this year. With the full flowering of many promotional activities across the country, the sales of the new W6 continue to rise

Jinan modern logistics association was established in March 2003. It is a local industry organization voluntarily composed of relevant organizations and institutions in Jinan, logistics enterprises, wholesale markets and related scientific research. It is a non-profit social organization with legal personality. At present, there are nearly 200 member units, one third of which are loyal users of Baoli forklifts, and each member unit has more than 5 Baoli forklifts. The type II sample is a rectangular strip sample with equal cross-section. Baoli forklift has been put into use since last year. At present, ecovio has passed the world's major compostable certification. The product has stable performance and good operation. Users have high recognition of Baoli forklift. In addition to the professional and high-quality after-sales service of Jinan agents, general manager Zhang of Jinan Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. successfully introduced Baoli's new logistics special vehicle W6 to member units in early May, 15 sets have been signed at one time, and all have been delivered to customers by June 24

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