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Kaihong Jiama butterfly valve project is expected to expand the overseas market

as one of the 16 local valve enterprises above Designated Size, Fujian KaiHong Valve Co., Ltd. has a remarkable performance this year. From January to August, the output value increased by about 20% year-on-year, with a stable growth rate

as one of the 16 local valve enterprises above Designated Size, Fujian KaiHong Valve Co., Ltd. has a remarkable performance this year. From January to August, the output value increased by about 20% year-on-year, with a stable growth rate

Wang Xiaowei, general manager of kaihong, revealed that the new 2800 square meter plant of kaihong is about to be completed and will be put into production next month, and the butterfly valve project will be launched in the new plant. The reliable operation of the reverse bending testing machine may become another driving force for kaihong's economic growth

"in the near future, we will form a situation in which the 'Troika' of safety valve, butterfly valve and gas supporting indoor valve will go hand in hand." Wang designed a capacity of 35000 tons, Xiaowei said confidently

kaihong valve, the only "expert" in the production of safety valves in Fujian Province, was founded in 1998 by Wang Qiushui, Wang Xiaowei's father. At the beginning, it mainly produced safety valves

"there are 8 categories, more than 3000 varieties and more than 20000 specifications of valves, which cannot be produced completely, but the enterprise should have its own characteristics. My father knew more about safety valves at that time." Wang Xiaowei said that at present, there are more than 200 domestic enterprises specializing in the production of safety valves, and kaihong's product quality and service capacity are at the upper level of the industry

up to now, kaihong is still the only manufacturer of safety valves in the valve industry in Fujian Province, known as "safety valve expert". In 2002, kaihong passed the special equipment manufacturing license (TS certification), which is the first valve manufacturer in the province and the seventh in China to obtain this certification. However, Wang Xiaowei admitted that kaihong mainly produced conventional products in the first few years, with a low technological content and a small pace of market expansion

in 2004, kaihong ushered in a turning point in its development. Kaihong moved its plant to the brilliant industrial zone and began to pay attention to scientific and technological investment. It cooperated with Shanghai butterfly valve technology development department and attached importance to brand building

"it can be said that this year is the key year for kaihong to transform into a technology-based enterprise. Now the company has obtained three invention patents, and our investment in science and technology remains at about 5% of sales every year." Wang Xiaowei said

it is understood that kaihong and Shanghai butterfly valve technology development department have jointly developed the "deformation amplifier unit of metal hard seal wedge deformation measurement system, which is the main component of the experimental machine, 1-type high-temperature ball valve", which has won the national invention patent and the 44th Eureka World Development Expo award. Subsequently, kaihong successfully developed "ultra-low temperature ball valve" and "two-way metal hard seal butterfly valve" by using this patented technology. In 2006, kaihong achieved two invention patents - a breakthrough in the joint application of the braced structure and the track structure, and developed the "track ball valve". "This rail ball valve is one of the best products in the market, and this series of products account for 30% of the company's sales." Wang Xiaowei told

increasing investment in scientific research will not only bring about the upgrading of products, but also the increasing number of customers year by year. Shenzhen xinzhoubang Technology Co., Ltd., large air compressor manufacturer Lida (China) electromechanical Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Dishen Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., ENN (China) Gas Investment Co., Ltd. and other large listed enterprises are all partners of kaihong

Wang Xiaowei revealed that kaihong cooperated with ENN gas, one of the largest urban gas distribution operators in China, since 2006 to supply Magang gas ball valve. It is the only purchasing unit in ENN gas province, and signed an order of 8million yuan with it this year. At present, all the ball valves used by households installing indoor gas pipelines in Quanzhou are from kaihong. In addition, kaihong's products will play a role in gas pipelines in 15 cities this year

expanded plant overweight butterfly valve project

"the company is developing rapidly, and the main problem is that the production capacity can not keep up." Wang Xiaowei said that a few years ago, they invested 3million yuan to buy seven CNC machine tools for a productivity increase; Nowadays, it can't meet the company's development pace just by following up on equipment. Therefore, in July this year, kaihong expanded its plant. The plant, which costs 2million yuan and covers an area of 2800 square meters, will be put into use in November. Next, 5million yuan of machinery and equipment will be added to the new plant for the production of butterfly valves in the new project

this butterfly valve project, which is about to be launched, is highly scientific and technological. Wang Xiaowei introduced that this product, called "khd347h-16c two-way pressed hard sealed track butterfly valve", has undergone nearly 18 months of research and development from conception to drawing design, mold development, processing and testing. Finally, a prototype was manufactured at the end of last year, and it is still being debugged and modified this year

this product realizes the combined application of kaihong invention patent for the second time, and improves the product performance of metal hard seal butterfly valve, such as light opening and closing, long service life, high sealing degree and wear resistance

"trial production in November will determine the production scale based on the market reaction." Wang Xiaowei's caution about new products is not unreasonable. According to him, kaihong and Shanghai butterfly valve technology development department jointly developed the "metal hard seal wedge high temperature ball valve". After the prototype was produced at the end of 2011, the market response was cold, and the project has been shelved

this time, Wang Xiaowei was cautious. The research and development of butterfly valve has been debugged and modified many times, and carried out market research and technical exchanges with relevant scientific academies. If successful, kaihong will form a "troika" situation of safety valve, indoor valve and butterfly valve going hand in hand. However, safety valves are still the leading products

with rich product lines and expanded production capacity, it is inevitable to face sales problems. Wang Xiaowei said that at present, kaihong mainly focuses on traditional sales methods, through agents and bidding. At present, they have a total of 30 agents in the country, with East and North China as the main markets, and it is expected to expand overseas markets next year

"kaihong pursues progress while maintaining stability. After the new plant is put into use, the production capacity should be doubled. We will further strengthen the advantages of existing products and continue to follow the road of branding." Therefore, installation 1 must be done well, said Wang Xiaowei

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