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Kaifeng Xinghua is preparing to build a 10000 ton polycarbonate project

Kaifeng Xinghua Fine Chemical Plant and has launched a new energy bus business cooperation with Henan Shaolin bus. Recently, it was revealed that the pilot test of the polycarbonate (PC) project of the plant has been completed, and now it is beginning to investigate the market situation and prepare to build a set of PC devices with an annual output of 10000 tons, marking the acceleration of the construction of the company's phosgene Industrial Park. It is understood that after two years of pilot test, the factory has successfully produced PC by solid light interface polycondensation method, and achieved continuous production. The products have been tested by the State Key Laboratory of polymer materials of Sichuan University, and all quality indicators are equivalent to those of internationally renowned enterprises. PC is a kind of commonly used engineering plastic, which has a wide range of uses, with a density reduction of about 3%, and has a broad market prospect. However, at present, only excellent technology can ensure the stability of machine production in China, and there is no advanced production technology or large-scale production equipment

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