The hottest Kaiao was successfully listed on the F

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Kaiao: successfully listed and traded on Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany

Kaiao: successfully listed and traded on Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany

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Guide: important information tips: Kaiao was successfully listed and traded on Frankfurt Stock exchange, Germany on June 28, 2013 central time. Weichai Power further increased its shareholding in Kaiao until 30% after its listing, Strengthening the control of international technical resources, Weichai Power has taken another important step towards internationalization

important information tips:

Kaiao was successfully listed and traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany on June 28, 2013 central time

Weichai Power further increased its shareholding in Kaiao until 30% after its listing. The control of international technical resources was strengthened

Weichai Power took another important step in the internationalization, and its international influence was significantly enhanced

9:21 am Frankfurt local time on June 28, 2013, With the ringing of CASIO Group CEO lisgay, Casio group, one of the world's leading industrial forklift manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "Casio"), was successfully listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany. The stock opened at 24.19 euros, and the whole Frankfurt trading hall burst into long applause

Weichai Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weichai Power") further increased the equity of Kaiao by exercising the call option of Kaiao, reaching 30% of its total share capital after listing, further strengthening the control of Kaiao and taking another important step in the internationalization process

firmly control world-class industrial resources

at present, Kaiao is the second largest industrial forklift manufacturer in the world and the first in Europe, accounting for 15% of the global forklift market share, and its international market share ranks among the top in the world. By increasing the shares of Kaiao company and listing, Weichai Power further strengthened its control over Kaiao, avoided the tender offer risk that may be triggered by further shareholding increase in the future, and took a key step towards controlling the world's top forklift business resources. Through extensive business cooperation with Kaiao, Weichai Power will greatly improve its competitiveness in forklift business in terms of scale, brand, technology, after-sales service, etc., and lay a solid foundation for building a globally leading equipment manufacturing group with core technology and sustainable development

after Kaiao goes public, Weichai Power will get better conditions to participate in Corporate Governance: when holding 30% or more shares of Kaiao company, Weichai Power can nominate 3 of the 8 shareholder representatives of the board of supervisors; When holding 33.3% equity, the chairman of the board of supervisors of Kaiao company is nominated and appointed by Weichai Power. By sending supervisors, Weichai Power, as a major shareholder, has the right to participate in the operation of Kaiao company. At the same time, Weichai Power has the opportunity to lead the major strategy of Kaiao in the Asia Pacific region, give full play to the advantages of Weichai Power in the Asia Pacific market without affecting the efficiency of corporate governance, and promote the unification of global strategy and synergy between Kaiao and Weichai Power after the completion of the transaction

in 2012, Weichai Power invested a total of 738million euros in Kaiao (hereinafter referred to as "the previous transaction"). Among them, 467million euros subscribed for 25% equity of Kaiao through capital increase, and 271million euros was used to acquire 70% equity of hydraulic business stripped from Linde material handling Co., Ltd. The financing obtained in the previous transaction and the listing of Keyao will be used to repay the debts of Keyao, which will further reduce its financial leverage and optimize its capital structure. After listing, Kaiao plans to refinance and replace the existing debt with better conditions. It is expected that the financial expenses of Kaiao will be greatly reduced, the future profitability will be further improved, and Weichai Power, as a shareholder, will also obtain higher income

once again "flying" the dream of internationalization

Weichai Power has always adhered to the global operation strategy of "product management and capital operation", and the core competitiveness of the enterprise has been continuously improved. It has successfully built a new pattern of coordinated development of four industrial sectors, namely, powertrain (engine, gearbox, axle), whole vehicle, hydraulic control and auto parts, forming the most complete The most competitive gold industry chain, with the core technology and products of the construction machinery industry, has developed into one of the automobile and equipment manufacturing industry groups with the strongest comprehensive strength in China. This increase in Kaiao's shares and the successful listing of Kaiao indicate that Weichai Power has occupied a place in the European capital market and the internationalization process has accelerated

tanxuguang, chairman of Shandong heavy industry group and chairman and CEO of Weichai Power, said: for a long time, all Weichai people have a dream in their hearts - to carry the take-off of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Weichai Power promotes the international business strategy, further increases the equity of Kaiao, and enhances the international competitiveness, which will help to enhance the influence of Weichai Power in the global equipment manufacturing industry. It is a major strategic measure for the group to become a global leading equipment manufacturing group with core technology and sustainable development, and an important pole in the world equipment manufacturing industry. The operating revenue of Kaiao group in 2012 was about 4.7 billion euros (about 38 billion yuan). The company plans to achieve an annual operating revenue of 8 billion euros (about 64.5 billion yuan) by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. After the consolidation of the two companies, it will accelerate the enterprise to achieve the goal of entering the world's top 500 by spring testing machine. At the same time, this measure will help promote the industrial upgrading of China's machinery industry and help achieve the goals of the 12th Five Year Plan of China's machinery industry

Gordon riske, CEO of Kaiao, said: the development of the world cannot be separated from China, and the development potential of China's forklift industry is huge. We are very happy to cooperate with Weichai Power, an industry group with extraordinary influence in China. We are proud to introduce Weichai Power as a strategic shareholder. We will work together to develop the Asia Pacific market dominated by China and achieve a win-win situation

Introduction to Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

Weichai Power Co., Ltd. (2338hk/000338sz) is a leading automobile and equipment manufacturing group in China, covering four business segments: powertrain, complete vehicle, hydraulic control and auto parts. Its products cover the most fields in the industry. The company is the leader in the industry of high-speed and high-power engines, heavy-duty gearboxes and spark plug timers in China. Its heavy-duty axle is regarded as the top brand of similar products in China, and the heavy-duty truck ranks fourth in China. The company was listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2004 and 2007 respectively. In 2012, the company achieved sales revenue of 48.2 billion yuan (about 7.8 billion US dollars, 6 billion euros), net profit of 3 billion yuan (about 500 million US dollars, 400 million euros), and has more than 40000 employees worldwide

introduction of Keyao company

Keyao company - with six major brands: Linde, stil, Fenwick, OM stil, Baoli and VO (this traditional experimental machine can't be achieved LTAS) - is the leader of the European industrial forklift market, the world's second largest industrial forklift manufacturer, and a leading multinational supplier in China. Linde and stile serve the global high-end market. Fenwick is the largest supplier of material handling products in France, and Ohm stile is a leader in the Italian market. Baoli brand focuses on the economic market, and water is one of the two top market leading brands in India. Kaiao group had about 21000 employees in 2012, and its operating revenue was about 4.7 billion euros (about 38billion yuan). The company plans to achieve an annual operating revenue of 8billion euros (about 64billion yuan) by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

Weichai Power disclaimer

this draft contains forward-looking statements, involving known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and are difficult to predict, and these factors may cause future development to be significantly different from the express or implied forward-looking statements made in this draft. Any member of Weichai Power that is related to the information contained in this draft (including the loss or damage of direct, indirect or subordinate properties) is clearly excluded, which also helps to generate a tool system with higher thermal conductivity. This draft is not intended to provide all the information needed to evaluate any proposed transaction, so each reader should seek advice on legal, accounting and other relevant professional aspects. No member of Weichai Power has updated or modified the contents of this draft, including forward-looking statements or any other information, whether for new information, future events or any other reason

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