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Henan guokaifeng power supply company plans to build 220kV Hongqiao substation and other substation projects. Guokaifeng power supply company takes promoting local economic construction as its own responsibility. This year, it plans to invest 2.715 billion yuan, of which the main investment is 173 million yuan, the distribution investment is 195 million yuan, the special investment is 997 million yuan, and the "coal to electricity" project investment is 1.35 billion yuan, so as to improve the power supply capacity and serve the lives of urban and rural residents. Focusing on the construction of strong power to support the regional economic and social development, the company closely focuses on the construction of service industry agglomeration areas, free trade zones, and "one channel, six rivers" and other key projects. Throughout the year, the company plans to build two 220 kV substations, five 110 kV Substations, and expand two 110 kV substations in Kaifeng urban area, with the initiative of power construction as its full strength to promote the rapid economic and social development of our city

the person in charge of the company said that urban development and economic construction are inseparable from the strong guarantee of electricity. The company effectively connects the power construction planning with the urban economic development planning, so that the high and medium voltage power can reasonably transition from the short term to the long term, effectively serve the economic development of Kaifeng, and develop Kaifeng power into a modern smart power with reasonable planning and high power supply reliability

for the development of service industry agglomeration and filling in the technical record sheet, the company plans and deploys in advance, and plans to build 220 kV Hongqiao substation, 220 kV wangfuzhai substation and 110 kV biancun substation. Among them, the 220 kV Hongqiao substation is located in the fine chemical industry cluster, which focuses on serving the power consumption of enterprises in the cluster and providing power supply guarantee for the relocation of Dongda chemical to the industrial cluster; The 220 kV wangfuzhai substation is located in the Bianxi industrial agglomeration area, providing reliable power supply for the implementation of large projects in the western region of Kaifeng; The 110 kV biancun substation is located in the industrial agglomeration area of Eastern Bian, which mainly fills the gap of high-voltage power supply in the industrial agglomeration area of Eastern Bian

with the vigorous construction of the free trade zone in our city, guokaifeng power supply company conducted an investigation on the existing main power supply in the free trade zone in advance and found that the 110kV hengdipu substation, 11 kV Yanzhai substation meeting the national experimental electrical gas standard, and 110kV liuligang substation mainly supply power to the free trade zone. However, as the free trade zone continues to give play to its regional advantages, it must be shut down when removing debris, and many projects will speed up the implementation in the free trade zone, It is expected that the power supply load in the free trade zone will increase by leaps and bounds. In order to reserve power supply capacity in advance and ensure power supply for the development of the free trade zone, the company plans to build 110 kV North District substation, 110 kV West District substation, 110 kV Xitai substation, and expand 110 kV hengdipu substation. The company prepared sufficient power supply for the free trade zone through one-step planning and construction

"one channel and six rivers" is an important urban construction project in our city at present, and the existing power supply in the surrounding areas of the project is from the 110 kV west suburb substation, 110 kV Binhe substation and 110 kV Daoxiang substation. These three substations have heavy overall load and great power supply pressure, which pose a certain hidden danger to the safety and stability of the power supply of the project. In order to ensure the power supply for the construction of the "one canal and six rivers" project and the power supply for commerce and tourism after the completion of the project, the company actively plans to build a 110 kV Weidu substation and expand the 110 kV Daoxiang substation. Through the construction, reconstruction and expansion of substations, we will do a good job in power supply construction for the "one canal and six rivers" project, effectively reduce the power supply load pressure of 110 kV west suburb substation and 110 kV Binhe substation, and improve the power supply capacity and safety of power facilities. At the same time, the company also deployed to synchronously improve the power supply capacity in the power supply areas of the 110 kV Xijiao substation, the 110 kV Binhe substation and the 110 kV Daoxiang substation, fully ensuring the life of urban and rural residents, but finding a happy electricity

The person in charge of guokaifeng power supply company said that the company will continue to adhere to the service concept of "you use electricity, my heart", further improve the speed and efficiency of power construction, improve the management level and service level, and provide sincere, high-quality and enthusiastic services to protect the regional economic development and the electricity consumption of a wide range of customers

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