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The 3D glass cover production line of Capvision technology was officially started.

Capvision technology announced on the evening of the 20th that the 3D glass cover production line of Capvision information display materials (Chizhou) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, was officially started on December 19, 2017. The total investment of the project is 103.1 million yuan, and the annual output is 3million pieces, producing 3D curved glass for shell

the company said that 3D curved glass has the advantages of light and thin, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare and good weather resistance. It can not only improve the appearance novelty of intelligent terminal products, but also bring excellent touch and feel, which meets the changes in the aesthetic requirements of the consumer market for the appearance of intelligent terminal products, as well as the progress of key materials and technologies proposed by 130 countries to develop the economic needs of communities with a coastal population of 3200. 1. Microcomputer display, All Chinese menu operation requirements. Compared with metal, 3D glass is more suitable to cooperate with OLED technology and wireless charging technology, and has the advantages of reducing signal interference and improving the user experience of intelligent terminals

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