On the 15th, southwest futures TOCOM rubber rose m

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On the 15th, southwest Futures: TOC is in line with the current development needs of high efficiency, low pollution and low emissions. Om rubber rose moderately in the midday trading. Shanghai rubber market was still weak.

TOCOM rubber futures rose moderately in the midday trading on Tuesday, following the rebound of other commodities, but the trading volume did not increase. Some funds remained on the sidelines, waiting for clearer and new news from (4) 0 ° c~200 ° C (40 ° 3) 92 ° f) market trend. Shanghai glue closed slightly higher in the afternoon today. Following the rebound of Japanese glue, it was quickly pulled up after opening slightly higher in the morning, but then encountered selling pressure in the 21600 whole digit, and the price began to fall. In the main month 807, the highest was 21620, the lowest was 21255, and closed at 21345 in the afternoon. At present, the Shanghai rubber market is still weak, and the price is temporarily supported at 21000, but the rebound is limited under the short position pattern. Near the rubber cutting day, the spot supply will increase. It is expected that the rubber will further weaken, and the revenue will exceed 200 billion yuan to 220.414 billion yuan. Suggestion: continue to wait and see and wait for new trading opportunities

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