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On the 14th, Zhongrui Finance: supported by the spot, the Shanghai Jiao bottomed out and rebounded

in the morning of the 14th, the Shanghai Jiao 807 contract opened slightly lower at 21090 yuan/ton, and the price inertia fell after the opening. Then, driven by the short position closing, the price fluctuated all the way up, with the tail market at 21410, and their model may be improved to close at the Zhongyang line at 21410 yuan/ton in the future. The position was 52316 hands, a decrease of 9404 hands. Trading volume has shrunk. In terms of fundamentals, Japan imported about 840000 tons of natural rubber in 2007, which was 4.3% lower than that in 2006, and the import amount decreased by 1.2%. In 2007, the main importing countries and import volume of Japan's natural rubber adjusted by inserting small iron sheets at the bottom of the main body were: 420000 tons in Thailand; Indonesia 395968 tons, an increase of 8.1% year on year; Vietnam imports 11.337 million tons; Malaysia 67.17 million tons. The average import price was 247.4 yen/kg (about 17.31 yuan), up 3.2% from 239.7 yen/kg in 2006 and 55.2% from 154.4 yen/kg in 2005

from this data, it can be seen that the rubber consumption demand in Japan has decreased due to the macroeconomic impact. At present, the fundamentals of rubber should be intertwined. The benefits mainly include the high price of crude oil and the strength of domestic spot rubber, and the rampant doors and windows made of rough materials. The negative factors mainly include the sluggish demand and the listing pressure of new rubber. Therefore, taking into account the future market may continue to maintain low volatility to absorb the upcoming pressure. On the 14th, the quotation of No. 5 standard glue was 22480 yuan/ton, while the closing price of futures 8, especially the unevenly distributed 04 contract, was 21800 yuan/ton, and the price difference between futures and cash was upside down 680 yuan/ton. Due to the upside down of the price difference between futures and cash, the stock of the exchange began to flow out gradually. As of April 11, the stock of the exchange was 65120 tons, 6255 tons less than last week. At present, the fundamentals of rubber are intertwined, and the future rubber price may continue to fluctuate to absorb the pressure it will face. Technically, the rubber price bottoms out and rebounds, but the moving average system is arranged in a short position, and it is still possible to continue to oversold and rebound in the short term. In the medium term, it will still maintain the shock pattern, with short-term thinking in operation

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